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    The EXCEED RC Electric Drift Star model represents a new generation of 1/10 scale on road drift cars. This ready to run Drift Star car is electric powered and perfect for indoor or outdoor drifting. Based on our popular and durable on road electric powered car, this drift version adds specially designed solid compound drift tires pre-mounted on high performance wheels. Combined with a powerful programmable 45amp brushelss esc and brushless motor, this Driftstar is capable of extreme drift angles and speed. The Drift Star is equipped with a four wheel driven drive train for consistent drift action on a wide variety of surfaces.
    It is also equipped with aluminum threaded shock bodies which allows the preload of the springs to be quickly and easily tuned. The camber and toe are also easily adjusted through the use of aluminum turnbuckles. These combined features allow the user to quickly and easily tune the suspension geometry, letting the user get the most out of the Brushless DriftStar platform.
    Best of all, the motor and transmission are both completely sealed to prevent dirt and grime from getting in and causing damage. This motor has been proven to be both durable and reliable, making the new Drift Star a welcomed addition to the latest Exceed RC line.

    • The new KV 3300 Brushless motor provides reliable and consistent power for high performance drift driving
    • The 2.5mm lightweight chassis provides excellent performance and durability
    • Excellent differential system design provides quick access to the front or rear differential by removing only few screws. You can now access the front and rear differential for easy maintenance
    • New lightweight suspension arms deliver quick suspension response and reduce the critical sprung weight and overall weight of the car
    • High capacity battery provides long run times
    • The high quality 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver work together to let you precisely control your car.
    • Four wheel drive system
    • Excellent front/rear camber and toe-in setup
    • Anodized aluminum centre long drive shaft
    • Stable suspension arms and solid front/rear shock tower
    • Oil filled aluminum capped shocks
    • Precise steering fitting delivers quick response.
    • Complete ball bearings for a smooth and an efficient drive.
    • High performance anti-skid drift tires, chromes plated spoke rims and pre-mound drift wheels



    • Length:360mms
    • Width:200mm
    • Height:112mm
    • Wheelbase:260mm
    • Track:195mm(F/R)
    • Gear Ratio:6.52:1
    • Ground Clearance:4.5mm
    • Weight:Approx.1350g
    • Wheel:65mm(Diameter),26mm(Width)
    • Motor:Brushless 3300Kv
    • Battery: 8.4V, 3000mAH

    Required to Run:
    4 AA batteries for Transmitter


    45amp ESC is rated for 4-7s Ni-Mh batteries or 2s Lithium polymer. Using a battery with higher voltage can damage esc or motor.

    Overall Customer Rating of 10 Reviews:


    Wow. Let me tell you. With road tires this thing

    is too fast. Even with drift tires you can really see it want to unleash and just take off. Super high speeds around 40kmh.


    this car is realy cool i cant wait to get it but the bed thing is that i want to put on led lighits on it or have tham on the car

    brushless rc drift car

    this car is amazing!drifts ridiculously insane! 40 MPH speeds! but this is not a toy. this is definitly worth the money and its so much better than an on road car. I would reccomend getting this car.


    this car is great, it runs nice. i don't know if they changed the battery but it runs for about 20 to 25 minutes for me, but I'm only drifting, i love the car, but you will have to program the ESC to run with a nickle battery otherwise it will shut down the power to the motor, watch their turtorials and their is one how to program it, great car, very fast!!!!!!!


    this car is not that bad but when i got this car it went really fast it drifts are good need alot of practice but i perfer getin a on road car