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    The V929 Beetle Quadcopter is the perfect machine for those curious about quadcopters. Designed with simplicity in mind, it is light weight and its flight characteristics benefit from this design feature. Constructed of durable elastic materials and graphite booms the weight comes in at only 61grams. The 4 rotors are driven by 4 motors protected in plastic housings. The rotors are also gear driven which relieves the stress on the motors. The V929 handles exceptionally well. With the help of an on board gyro and adjustable control sensitivity, the V929 is perfect for pilots of different skill level and ages. The V929 is agile, and it has the ability to do flips and tricks. The V929 is also equipped with a 2.4ghz radio system. This means you don?t have to worry about signal interference and you have the ability to fly many of these at one time.

    Rotor Diameter: 135mm (5.3in)
    Overall Length (Motor to Motor) : 160mm (6.3in)
    Height: 50mm (2in)
    Battery: 3.7V 500mah Li-Po

    This package includes:
    4-Ch 2.4G Remote controller
    100% assembled Mini Beetle
    USB Charger
    3.7V 500mAh Li-Po Battery
    Instruction Manual
    Extra 4 X Rotors

    Required to Fly:
    AA Batteries for Transmitter

    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

    loved it!

    This is my first quadcopter,i can fly with the stock battery almost 10 minutes i can fly it indoor or outdoor but outdoor with high rates this little baby is a blast even when is windy, the 2.4ghz radio works perfect no glitches of any kind and you can fly very far away, perfect for beginners or advanced pilots.


    I just got my V929 and at first I thought I was going to have to return it when one of the props would only start turning at high throttle. Then I decided to disconnect the battery from the device and I also removed the batteries from the remote and re-installed them. After turning on the remote and then plugging the battery back into the bird, it worked perfectly. This thing hovered great right out of the box without any trim adjustments. I'm glad I tried this reset before calling XHeli. This is my first quad so I didn't really know what to expect other than what I've read and seen on YouTube.


    awsome! just awsome. takes a crash and keeps going. small enough to fly in the house and super stable. great practice for hovering helis or quads and learning to fly.

    little beetle bug

    I have lots of theses and all i can say is yes. Loads of fun and easy to fly. wow. love it.

    V929 Quad

    Gread little device! It takes a while to really get good with these things (I have 2 living in trees), but when you do, it's like a 3D video game in the air!