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    The 1/8 scale buggy racing class has often been touted as the equivalent of F1 racing in the RC world. The Iron Track Firestone is definitely a top competitor compared with other buggies of this caliber.

    The Firestone takes years of experience in manufacturing quality radio control products and combines them into one high performance package. Using the latest in high quality materials, Iron Track has produced a car capable of competing at the track with serious competition, whether its racing your buddies or a full blown club or national race.

    Powering the Firestone is the powerful, yet reliable GO Racing .21 Nitro engine. Not only does the kit include this power and efficient motor, Iron Track includes a tuned carting exhaust and manifold. This allows maximum performance, reliability, and efficiency for the engine through superior exhaust performance.

    The drive-train is extremely robust and provides maximum tunability through its three differential system and adjustable links. Front CVD drive shafts ensure consistent power to the wheels. This system has been specifically designed by the Iron Track engineers to take all the power that the impressive GO21 engine can throw at it. This buggy is built to deliver performance and reliability for hours of excitement.

    Taming all that power is a chassis and suspension system that is designed to be durable and adjustable. Fully Independent suspension front and rear with adjustable camber and toe options allow you to change your driving experience. The high volume oil filled shock absorbers are also fully adjustable, allowing you to fine tune the cars dampening characteristics.

    A powerful 9kg servo for steering provides authorative power and torque. The throttle servo is also a hefty 6 kg unit that will give your brakes all the power they need to tame the speeds generated by the powerful GO engine.

    The body shell, which has been designed with engine cooling and aerodynamic performance in mind, also comes pre-painted. The rear wing helps keep the buggy firmly planted to the ground, providing maximum traction and grip. When pulling off massive jumps at the track or park, the spoiler helps keep the Firestone stable and compliant in the air.

    Out of the box the Firestone provides you with quality equipment that will fast track you into the exciting hobby of radio control Buggy racing.

    Iron Track also offers a series of high performance upgrade opt"ons should you want to take your buggy to the next level of performance.

    9kg Steering Servo
    6kg Throttle Servo
    .21 GO Racing Nitro Engine
    Tuned Alloy Pipe
    125cc Fuel Tank
    Adjustable big

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    when i get this rc car it's going to be fast

    This car is going to be fast when i get it im going to get leds for the tires then its going to look fresh and im going to get leds for under the car then the car is going to look fresh then im going to make a rampe then the car is going to jump it and it is going to go hi becaus those cars go hi in to the sky :)


    this car is so fast