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    Full 4 channel control, up, down, left, right, full 360 rotation
    Micro size design great for indoor flying
    Long lasting rechargeable lithium polymer battery, charges from transmitter or usb port
    Fine tuning accessible from Transmitter for more accurate control


    Battery: 1 cell 3.7V 150mAh li-po rechargeable battery
    Weight: 33g (Battery Included)
    Rotor Diameter: 190mm
    Length: 200m
    Height: 95mm
    Package includes:

    1 x 4-Ch 2.4G Remote controller (6pcs of Battery required)
    1 x Pre-assembled GW Xieda H995 Helicopter
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x 3.7V 150mah Li-Po Battery
    1 x Set of spare blades
    1 x Instruction Manual

    Overall Customer Rating of 9 Reviews:

    Good Heli But Breaks Easily

    It is a good heli in terms of 4 channel capability but make sure you have plenty of room to make mistakes as when you crash it might break.


    Sweet little heli! You get the performance of a Blade msr at under half the price!!!


    A few beeps on the trim and a hands off hover. The tail gyro is the best ever. I can fly forward at 10mph and spin it around 180 and it will continue its path backwards. The stability of a coax, but now have enough speed. It must do 20mph. It flies for me around 10 min. Plenty of time to do what you want to do. Now I can try stuff before I try it on fancy CP larger bird. Does everything I wanted it to do. Perfect.

    Great rc heli!

    This little heli is great! It was well worth the money. The thing that I probably like the most is how durable this thing is. I crashed into walls quite a bit while trying to master it and it still flies excellent. So if your worried about it getting damaged, don't be.

    The life of the battery is also great and it really doesn't take much time to charge at all. It can also fly outside, but be careful about wind, this heli can be carried like a kite. Don't worry if your heli has a crooked frame or flies a little crooked its purposely made like that. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

    Hero H995

    I received this heli on Sept 5 and I have not been able to fly it yet. Out of the box it tends to steer right. I tried to use the trim adjustment with no luck. I contacted customer support and after holding on the lline for over an hour. The tech tried to assist me by asking me to adjust the linkage. I have tried adjusting the linkages, but it did not help. After looking the heli closely, I notice that the frame with the bearings is not straight. The whole frame tend to bend to the right. I will try to stay on the phone for another hour to try to get help.