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    The Double Horse 9104 3 Channel RC helicopter has a simple to use, fully functional 3 channel control system. It is constructed with an all aluminum frame and tail-boom. The chopper measures 28 inches in length and 7 inches in height with a rotor diameter of 21 inches. Stability is achieved with an onboard gyro. Power is produced from a 370 motor backed by a 2 cell lithium battery.

    In the air it looks elegant and powerful, at the same time the handling and performance are smooth and excellent. It is ready to fly out of the box allowing you to get setup and flying in a matter of minutes.


    Directions: up/down, forward/backward, clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation
    Fine tuned to the highest standard
    Stable flying and fixed-point hovering
    Available in Red and Red
    Alloy structure, sleek design


    Main rotor diameter: 490mm
    Tail rotor diameter: 90mm
    Control range: About 30m or below
    Length: 71cm
    Weight: 480g
    Flight duration: About 8-10 min
    Charging time: About 1.5 hours
    Battery: 7.4v 1300mah Lipo
    Transmitter Batteries: 8 AA (not included)

    Package Included

    1 x Double Horse 9104 Helicopter
    1 x 3 Channel Remote Controller
    1 Pair x Spare Main Blade
    1 x Spare Tail Rotor Blade
    1 x Charger
    1 x Balance Charger Box

    Overall Customer Rating of 19 Reviews:

    play time

    Its a good and fun purchase! Gonna buy another! Dont let hit the road to hard! Lol

    26" double horse - 9104

    Great value, crowd pleaser and easy to fly.

    Disadvantage: Battery is buried inside the bird. You must plug the whole thing into a wall socket to charge.

    first time flier

    since I have never flown a helicopter plane or any thing else for that matter. I was very pleased and very excited to be able to pull this out of the box and charge the battery and fly this helicopter with no problems. no crashes very fun first time

    Double Horse 9104

    I am very happy with this helicopter. It is very controllable, fun and easy to fly. It can also take a lot of punishment. I flew into my wife's car and broke 1 1/2" off of one main rotor blade. It had a little vibration but it still flew fine. Thankfully it is supplied with a spare set of blades. It's also great that you can purchase any part that you need to keep it flying. I recommend this helicopter to anyone.


    Honestly? Ive had more problems with the transmitter and receiver than anything. The heli its self is a very sturdy built platform. Its just out fitted with some pretty unreliable electronics. I have two of these models and I did a complete rebuild two one and getting ready too start the other one. I used a 20 amp brushed ESC for the main motor a 12 amp brushed ESC for the tail motor, Changed out the battery pack for an 11.1 Volt Lipo, Needed too upgraded the tail with a duel motor drive due too the larger power load from the new battery, Installed a HH Gyro and I changed it out too a CT6 Transmitter and receiver.Trimmed it out and WOW!!! So much more reliable now!! Flies and handles GREAT!! More than I can say when it was stock. Still using the stock motor but looking too upgrade that too since it gets pretty hot due too the new battery. With a little $$ And some time this model can really perform too its maximum!! You can find most of the hardware here.. Got the CT6 Transmitter and receiver and the HH Gyro here.