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    The Double Horse 9104 3 Channel RC helicopter has a simple to use, fully functional 3 channel control system. It is constructed with an all aluminum frame and tail-boom. The chopper measures 28 inches in length and 7 inches in height with a rotor diameter of 21 inches. Stability is achieved with an onboard gyro. Power is produced from a 370 motor backed by a 2 cell lithium battery.

    In the air it looks elegant and powerful, at the same time the handling and performance are smooth and excellent. It is ready to fly out of the box allowing you to get setup and flying in a matter of minutes.


    Directions: up/down, forward/backward, clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation
    Fine tuned to the highest standard
    Stable flying and fixed-point hovering
    Available in Red and Blue
    Alloy structure, sleek design


    Main rotor diameter: 490mm
    Tail rotor diameter: 90mm
    Control range: About 30m or below
    Length: 71cm
    Weight: 480g
    Flight duration: About 8-10 min
    Charging time: About 1.5 hours
    Battery: 7.4v 1300mah Lipo
    Transmitter Batteries: 8 AA (not included)

    Package Included

    1 x Double Horse 9104 Helicopter
    1 x 3 Channel Remote Controller
    1 Pair x Spare Main Blade
    1 x Spare Tail Rotor Blade
    1 x Charger
    1 x Balance Charger Box

    Overall Customer Rating of 19 Reviews:


    not exactly rtf but close, you need to adjust the swash plate with more forward lean. then shorten the left link (looking from the front) to tilt the rotor left, for better take off and hovering which isn't adjustable so i made one.

    adding weight to the nose can help but it shortens your flight time ..

    i eventually purchased a new aluminum swash plate to replace it for strength.and better Adj.

    RC 26" Helicopter

    The item was in good shape when it was delivered. The only down side i have with it. It is a little hard to operate an it wants to drift to the left in lite wind. Hard to get to hover in one place under 6'. Other then that a nice price for the Helicopter it's self. Just wish it had a longer fly time then just 8 to 10 minutes on full battery.

    26" Double Horse 9104 Heli

    As long as you are not expecting this to be perfect, it is pretty good value for money. The copter is quite large, and looks to be pretty durable. It is reasonably easy to control once you get the hang of it. But I found that lightly oiling the swash plate and connectors helped in this respect.

    Be warned, it will always slide to the left on takeoff, thats normal, and this will stop once its clear of the rotor wash. My advice is, gun it, get some height (over 6 ft), and it will stablize quite well. You may have to fiddle with the trim, and manually adjust the connector from the servo to the swash plate to get forward/aft control, but overall its a fun and durable copter and an excellent chjoice for your first single rotor if you are new at this.


    first off, hopefully you can discern which of these reviews are company written. got this heli yesterday and it is horribly unbalanced. pitches left badly and is almost uncontrolable. not a novice heli.

    DH 9104

    Have had this model for a few weeks. It flies pretty stable and is not too difficult to control, but it was not properly balanced out of the box. Tail heavy. Also, the servo arm needed adjustment to get it to hover. After about 6-8 hours of flying, the top motor bushing wore out and succeeded in tearing up the gear teeth on the main drive gear. It appears that it was not lubricated from the factory. I will lube the new motor before installing it!

    Suggestion: If you buy this model, be sure to balance it out, adjust the servo so the swash plate is horizontal and lubricate the motor before flying it.