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    This detailed Double Horse 9103 is beautifully designed and made in high strength metal frame, so it can survive more bumps and races than all other competitors. All advanced pilots are impressed with this new amazing helicopter, at the same time it is perfect for beginners to get into their new hobby.

    It is able to fly freely in 4 directions, as a high performance infrared controller is included. Built in Gyroscope let it flies stably and smoothly, with easy to learn controls. Amazing flight distances, long battery life, stunningly durable, and Ready to Fly, you can get it up impressively in the sky faster and longer than other aircrafts.

    This model is miniature in size and lightweight, making it incredibly portable so you can take it anywhere you go. It also offers a wide infrared control and a design that is customized for indoor flying.

    Special Features:

    Function: Up and down, turn left and turn right, forward and backward
    Single Blade Structure and beautiful LED headlights
    Rotor and Altitude Speed Control with Easy Landing Brake feature
    Flight stabilizing system with Gyro
    Lightweight and fast, strong resistance ability
    3 Channel Wide Infrared Controls
    Ready to Fly



    Main Rotor Diameter: 225mm (9 inch)
    Tail Rotor Diameter: 38mm (1.5 inch)
    Length: 250mm (10 inch)
    Height: 65mm (2.5 inch)
    Flying Weight: 11g (0.4 oz)
    Battery: 3.7V 300mAh Li-Po
    Primary Charger: Integral Transmitter/Charger supplied with LED indicator/Auto shut off. Simply plug in and charge, with easy to use connections
    Secondary Charger: USB charging cable
    Flight duration:to 5-7 minutes
    Charge time: 15-30 minutes for full charge
    Ready To Fly: Supplied completely assembled and ready-to-fly, with pre-installed 3ch Channel Proportional Infrared Control System
    Range: Up to 30m (100 feet)
    Frequency: Infrared Control


    Needed to complete

    Transmitter Battery: AA Batteries (Not Included)

    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    Double Horse 9103

    This is a awesome bird. Out of the box and it's ready to go. You may only want a spare battery as you get about 6 minutes out of the standard battery. Another draw is after many flights the battery starts to loose it's power. Total enjoyment though I'm ordering one more just to have the pair. And several battery's. I give a 5 star. You won't want to put it down trust me. Good starter bird for beginners.

    double horse 9103

    I tried to fly for the first time today, was not controllable, crashed badly on the 4th try and broke the balance beam and the arm off the swashplate, I see now that the balance beam was installed upside down by viewing the models on this page, probably why I couldn't control it. Now no parts to fix it, all show out of stock. $40 for 5 minutes of no fun. I would fix it if there were parts available.


    great heli

    rc heli

    I've always flown coaxal and this would be my first step to 3d helis because I've always wanted to fly one and I know it will take a lot of learning so please anybody know of any next steps that are cheap because I'm only 13


    This thing is trash complete waste of money mine stopped working day two and never worked right from the beginning!