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Yellow Ultimate 46 ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled BiPlane
Yellow Ultimate 46 ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled BiPlane
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Product Description

This is the radio controlled, glow powered, almost ready to fly Ultimate Biplane .46 Scale RC Airplane.
For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Flyers. Ultimate Biplane .46 ARF comes with its two wings completely assembled. No more gluing wing-spar pieces and aligning and gluing wing halves together. These wings, like the rest of the kit, are beautifully built, sanded and covered with polyester covering. The kit also comes with mounted cabane struts, a painted fiberglass cowl and molded wheel pants and hardware.

Ultimate BiPlane ARF

Key Features :
Top quality balsa and plywood construction
Built-up wings symmetrical airfoil
All wood constructions with fiberglass parts
Trimmed and painted cowling by fuel proof paint
Hand iron-on color covering
Comes with all hardware and accessories

Plane Specs:
Wing span: 43.5in / 1100mm
Wing area: 580 sq in / 37.5 sq dm
Flying weight: 4.5lb / 2050g
Fuselage length: 39.8 in / 1000 mm

User Requirements:
Engine Required: 2c 0.40 cu in  4c 0.52 cu in
Radio Required: 4 channels,4 servos

Ultimate BiPlane ARF

FEATURES: All Balsa and plywood constructions. CAD Laser cut ARF Kit.

Ultimate BiPlane ARF

Ultimate BiPlane ARF

Ultimate BiPlane ARF

Want to see the toy in action?  Click play below for video!!



Engine, servos, transmitter, and other electronic items are sold separately!  This is an airplane kit only, no electronics!  Assembly required.

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