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Lowest Price Walkera X-Rotation Radio Remote Control RC Helicopter Version 4
Lowest Price Walkera X-Rotation Radio Remote Control RC Helicopter Version 4
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Product Description

Dragonfly 5 is a beginner-friendly micro helicopter that are also liked by experienced flyers. Its unique design makes it easy to configure, control, and more fun to fly.  It is designed to both train pilots and entertain them by delivering a stable flying platform capable of controlled indoor and outdoor (not windy outside) flight.

Walkera DragonFly No. 5-4 Helicopter

Walkera DragonFly No. 5-4 Helicopter

Super Stable X-Rotation RC Helicopter
Improved Design, Newest Version of 2005
Improved Mixer/Gyro Control

Two Pairs of Bonus Blades
More Stable Flight, Even First Timer Can Control It Easily



Walkera DragonFly No. 5-4 Helicopter

Dragonfly 5 has two sets of main rotors and a freewheeling tail rotor that does not affect flight. The counter-rotating main rotors eliminate the need for tail rotor compensation because they move in opposite directions, canceling each otherís rotational torque . In addition, the blade sets give it an added bit of gyroscopic stability, which allows mere mortals to hover it with prowess.

The lower rotor provides cyclic control for the heli. To yaw the helicopter (left and right), one of the main rotors either slows down or speeds up to create an imbalance in torque. This results in the Dragonfly 5 turning in the direction opposite to the rotation of the faster moving rotor. Since the Dragonfly 5 is fixed pitch, collective control is governed exclusively by throttle.

On the Dragonfly 5, the roll cyclic is a bit more responsive than its pitch cyclic (fore/aft control). This is because the very small range of cyclic control can more easily roll the heli than it can pitch it along the length of the body. This attribute actually helps make the Dragonfly 5 stable. For a heli of this size, the responsiveness on both axes is appropriate.

For beginners, flying the Dragonfly 5 out of ground effect (first few inches off the ground) is not difficult either. Unlike other micros, the Dragonfly 5 tends to rise evenly rather than skate across the floor laterally. If you punch the throttle, it has no hesitation in climb either.

Walkera DragonFly No. 5-4 Helicopter


Walkera DragonFly No. 5-4 Helicopter

  • Improved version! This is the 2005 version with a lot of adjustment and improvements.

  • New Look Transmitter, New Look Cabin, Improved Mixer/Gyro Control, More Stable Flight, even first timer can control easily. Check video.

  • SUPER STABLE X-ROTATION SYSTEM, Easier to control than Original LAMA.

  • Dual counter rotating rotor which eliminates the need for a tail rotor

  • Rudder is controlled using variation in speed of each level of the rotor blades.

  • 4 Channel R/C Set included, complete Left/Right, Up/Down Control (rudder, aileron, elevator and throttle ).

  • 4 Ch Transmitter included.

  • Reliable high quality mixer with built-in gyro board.

  • Preassembled. Ready to fly. Only needs 8 AA Batteries for the transmitter.

  • About 15 minutes flight time for each charge.

  • Suitable for Indoor/Backyard/Stadium (500 sq ft area)/calm outside flight.

  • Powered by 800mAh Li-polymer battery. Longer flight time.

  • Using the Ultra tough Carbon Fiber materials, the Helicopter does have very strong structure. In addition, the main rotor blades are using top quality plastic materials, which is not easily break.

  • Separate servos from mixer, more precision movement .

  • Trimming of servos can be done both on helicopter or on transmitter.

  • The Sliding swash plate can help you operate the R/C Helicopter Freely.

  • New Look Cabin.

Bonus: 2 pairs of spare blades.


  • New 2005 Dragonfly 5 Ready To Fly Helicopter (pre-assembled). 

  • Original Speed Mixer+Gyro Board

  • Dual 180SH Motor Assembly

  • 4 Channel Receiver

  • 2 x Servos

  • Bonus: 2 pair main blades (FREE)

  • Canopy (FREE)

  • High Quality mixer with built-in gyro board.

  • Dragonfly 4-channel Transmitter 4Ch with servo reverser

  • 7.4V 600mah Li-ion Rechargeble Battery

  • 110V Lithium battery Charger

  • Simulator cable. Software is free for download from Internet. Check the "Simulation Kit" section.

  • English Manual.

  • Color Box .

Walkera DragonFly No. 5-4 Helicopter


  Walkera DragonFly No. 5-4 Helicopter


Main Rotor Width :





Tail Rotor Width





Length :














Gear Ratio:










8 AA Alkaline Batteries


Charge Time:


1-2 Hours