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Power Supply for Xbox 360

Power Supply for Xbox 360
Item# GAMES_XBOX360_XB-3062
Price: $31.80

Product Description


Power Supply with Power Cord for Microsoft Xbox 360


This adaptor is used for “xbox360” for safe operation with product,
Please read the instructions carefully before use.
Connecting the adaptor to console shown.


1. Do not place ADAPTOR into hot, humid or under straight of sunshine.
2. Do not mixed the mess and keep surface clean.
3. Do not clean it with organic substance.
4. Do not throw or apply strong shock to ADAPTOR.
5. Do not put any heavy objects on the ADAPTOR.
6. Do not dismantle.


a) AC 100-127V-5A, 47-63Hz
b) AC 200-265V-2.5A, 47-63Hz
a) DC 203W
b) 12V-16.5A (16.5A)
c) 5Vsb-1A