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2 Channel Backyard EPP Foam Electric Carrier Airplane

2 Channel Backyard EPP Foam Electric Carrier Airplane
Item# WX9002-Plane
Price: $44.95
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Product Description

Description features:
Super Flying R/C Model in White Color Body (WX9002) Plane
1. Direction (right and left) are controlled with the twin motors. No extra moving parts.
2. Level flight, climbing and descent are controlled with two speed motor controls. Climb has enough power to make the model take off form the ground (any smooth, hard surface).
3. The fuselage made form durable EPP foam, this special material is very resilient! The propellers are flexible and durable too.
4. Easy to fly-even if you have never flown a model before!
5. Plane should only be charged by the included adapter.
6. 2-channel series.
7. Variable 2 motor control, very durable & flexible, lots of fun & excitement!

Product Details:
Style: Radio Control Toy
Type: Plane
Radio Control Style: RC Model
Power: Battery
Size: 15x15