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World's smallest first in-house Radio control RC Airplane !!!
World's smallest first in-house Radio control RC Airplane !!!
Item# 18502_Butterfly
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Product Description

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This is the world's smallest/lightest r/c airplane. The plane is equipped with a rechargeable battery which is permanently installed inside the plane.

Get ready to take off!  The airplane is capable of flying indoor and outdoor.  The ultimate indoors r/c airplane~

This is the world's first in-house radio control airplane.  It feels like magic just to fly it.  It is built with the latest high tech material; super light, super strong and super powerful!  The plane can take off from the ground in as little as four feet!  Control the plane with the single power control on the transmitter.  Power the RC for takeoff and climb and ease back for a slow descent.  The plane is designed to fly in a circular path when power up.  This plane is perfect for the gym and outdoor when there's zero wind condition.

Comes everything you see with extra wing. Included 2 Channel remote, 9v battery and the easy chargeable stand.