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World's Lightest and Smallest RC Airplane! New Mini RC Indoor Flyer
World's Lightest and Smallest RC Airplane! New Mini RC Indoor Flyer
Item# HX246_MiniFlyer
Sale Price: $16.95
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Product Description

The Mini Flyer-Plane is an ideal entry-level product in to the exciting world of radio controlled airplanes. It comes fully assembled and can be flown indoors and out. The wing is made from a material called EPP Polyfoam, this means it’s lightweight but extremely strong, so there’s no need to worry if you crash on you first go!

The Mini Flyer-plane measures approximately 22cm in length, has a wingspan of 23cm and features an adjustable rudder and elevator. The plane is powered by two 45mm propellers on the back of the wing, and is simply charged from the handheld controller unit. The controller features throttle and yaw controls and a trimmer for alignment of the plane, together with power and charging indicators. The Mini Flyer-Plane can be fully charged in around 25 to 30 minutes, and because it’s light will fly for approximately 10 minutes depending on conditions and flying technique.

If you’re looking for a remote control plane that's fun to use, easy to fly, quick to charge, and perhaps most importantly can withstand the odd nose dive then the Mini Flyer-Plane could be the perfect choice!

Mini RC Airplane w/ Built-in NiMH Rechargeable
Transmitter requires 6x 1.5v "AA" alkaline batteries or 6x 1.2v NiCD Batteries

Technical specifications

•Approximate dimensions: Wingspan 23 x Length 22cm
6 x AA batteries for charger (not supplied)
27MhZ R/C Mini Bi-Plane
•Built to withstand crashes!
•Lithium battery for extended flying time
•Precision speed control
•We’ll do our best to match the colour of your choice but occasionally colours may vary.