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Wireless Color B/W NightVision WaterProof Camera Kit w/ Transmitter System (28LEDS)

Wireless Color B/W NightVision WaterProof Camera Kit w/ Transmitter System (28LEDS)
Item# waterled-28

Product Description

Don't missing this auction from factory direct sale.  WIRELESS!!! Don't have to play around with the messy wires anymore!

This  brand new wireless waterproof night vision color camera  with built in 28 HIGH PERFORMANCE of IR LED and 1.2Ghz receiver. it can provide full color in the day time, it will automatically switch to B/W in the evening. you can D.I.Y your home security without wiring. 

This waterproof color Day/Night vision surveillance camera built in a weather proof aluminum case. Ideal for outdoor or indoor mounting. Day/night vision color optic sensor with a glass lens protector allows you to use it in outdoor or indoor applications. The powerful Infrared LED will turn on at darkness with its optical light sensor allows you to capture full color during day light and turns into a night vision capture even in total darkness up to 30 feet (in mono chrome color).

Make a video recording the device :1/31/4Picture sensor
Effective picture element :PAL:628x582 NTSC:510x492
Picture area :PAL:5.78x4.19mm NTSC:4.69x3.45mm
Horizontal definition :380 Line
Scan frequency :PAL/CCIR:50HZ NTSC/EIA:60HZ
The minimum intensity of illumination:3LUX
Sensitivity :+18DB-AGC ON-OFF
Current :500mA
Power consumption:<640mw

Compact camera with waterproof aluminum casing and metal frame for easy fixing to any covert location.

High quality CCD image sensor produces excellent video stream day and night.

Can operate under total darkness. The built-in Infrared lights turn on/off automatically when the light condition turns dark

Applications: Suitable for installation in shop, front counter, corridor, home, office, warehouse, hospital for surveillance purpose.

Camera functions: Automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, automatic white balance adjustment.

Easy installation. Setup can be completed within 2 minutes.