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WHOLESALES CASE!!! 6-pcs Yellow Bee RC Planes
WHOLESALES CASE!!! 6-pcs Yellow Bee RC Planes
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Product Description

WHOLESALES!!! 6-pcs YELLOW BEE 2-channel R/C Remote Control Glider. Ready to Fly!!!


NEW! Ready to fly out of its box!
complete system with radio, rechargeable battery and AC charger!

Yellow Bee twin engine airplane

Yellow Bee twin engine airplane Yellow Bee twin engine airplane

SD3382 Yellow Bee Twin Engine Complete RC Airplane .......

Yellow Bee twin engine airplane

**A Great First Plane for Beginners!** I personally bought and flew this plane because I was completely new to flying and did not want to Smash and Trash a $400.00 gas plane, thanks to this Park flyer, I'm ready to move to the next level. best of all no permit was required to fly this. I opted to purchase the longer lasting NiMH batteries (2) that can yield up to 40 minutes flight time between the two. A ready-to-fly R/C plane that's easy-to-operate, sturdy enough to "crash without being trashed". The R/C Ready To Fly (RTF) parkflyer has glider-like stability suitable for flight in small nearby areas like parks and ball fields. Recommended for Ages 12+. Ready-To-Fly right out of the box. Just add batteries to the transmitter, charge the flight batteries using the included charger, bolt the tail wing to the boom, connect the flap push rods and you're ready to fly! *

**The Radio Transmitter*** The transmitter has simple 2-channel proportional joystick controls with trims. The left stick controls the throttle and the right stick controls the tail flaps for turning. It's kind of like driving a car except the faster you go, the higher you climb! The radio transmitter (shown above) also features trim controls for precise adjustments of throttle and flaps. The control range is 1500' to give you plenty of margin Ready-To-Fly right out of the box. Remarkable crash-tolerant construction The ability to "crash without being trashed" makes the park flyer a true "survivor" The Planes single-piece poly molded fuselage and fiberglass tail boom is exceptionally tough. Forget about those hard crashes that usually destroy front-end motors and propellers, because the YellowBee's motor and pusher propeller are rear-mounted. Tough, enamel-coated foam wings attach with rubber bands that pop off in a crash to prevent extensive wing damage. If you're a beginner you will be especially glad to know that I include several spare parts to help you through the ordinary mishaps which are all part of the learning process. You get the radio transmitter too! All you need to provide is 8 AA batteries for the transmitter. The parkflyer comes complete with RTF airplane with motor, receiver, throttle speed controller and servo installed. Two flight battery packs and AC charger are also included.