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Walkera Master CP 6 Channel Ready to Fly RC Helicopter

Item# WalkeraHeli-MasterCP-RTF-Devo7
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Product Description

The Walkera Master CP is a 200 sized flybar-less collective pitch helicopter suitable for outdoor and indoor flight. It is a great transition model for pilots who have experience with co-axial rotor helicopters and wish to advance their skills. The Master CP has key features that are beneficial to novice pilots. The 6-Axis Gyro helps stabilize the helicopter in different flying situations including mild 3D aerobatics. The 6 Axis gyro plays an important part of maintaining flight stability correcting drift about all axis of movement. It is much more effective in maintaining flight control throughout all methods of flying. The elastic composite parts found in the rotor heads, body frame, and landing Skids absorb damage during crashes resulting in less chances of parts breakage. Plastic composite weighs less and is more elastic than metal which benefits the power to weight ratio on this helicopter. The main blades are a mix of carbon fiber that greatly enhances structural toughness and rigidity. The tail motor is protected in plastic and allows for quick change if needed. The Walkera Master CP flies incredibility stable with a Devo 7 transmitter that has the ability to manipulate pitch curve and throttle curves to suit the flying style of different pilots. The Devo 7 2.4ghz is the standard of new generation of Walkera radio systems. It offers longer transmission distance, less interference, stable radio transmission, and less interference.The Master CP is finished with an elegant canopy constructed of pvc to provide tough and durable performance.

The Walkera Master CP helicopter board system has the capability to update its firmware online. What you need is the Walkera Adapter UP02. So you can update the fimware from the Walkera website from time to time. 

Main Rotor Diameter: 462mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 113 mm
Overall Length: 440mm
Flying Weight: 420g (Battery included)
Battery: 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po
Main Motor: 380PF
Tail Motor: 1627PF
GYRO: 6-axis
Receiver: RX-2637H-D
Servo: WK-7.6-6
Transmitter (standard): DEVO 7
Transmitter (Optional): DEVO-6/ 7/ 8s/ 10/ 12s

Required to Fly:
8 AA batteries for Transmitter