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New Walkera QR Ladybird 2.4 ghz 6 Channel Quadcopter RTF w/ Devo 2402D Transmitter

Item# WalkeraHeli-LadyBird-RTF-24G
Price: $95.00
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Product Description

With a feel reminiscent to that of a hovering beetle, it is no wonder why Walkera chose to name their latest quadcopter the QR Ladybird. At only 4in x 4in and just 29 grams, this mini quadcopter is extremely nimble yet stable. Great for beginner to expert levels, the Ladybird is simple enough for beginner pilots, but can also handle more advanced maneuvers. Equipped with Walkera’s 6 Axis Gyro technology, the quadcopter utilizes an accelerometer to detect movement and compensate for more stability. The Ladybird is usable in two different modes, beginner mode and rolling mode. Beginner mode limits how much the quadcopter can lean by utilizing the 6 Axis Gyro. The Rolling mode removes that limitation, allowing the quadcopter to “roll” or do flips. The included 4 channel DEVO 2402D 2.4ghz transmitter allows for plenty of custom user settings.

QR Ladybird Specifications:

1. Motor: 0720RN57A-9M-130NL52
2. Receiver: RX2634H-D (for DEVO TX) 
3. Battery: 3.7V 240Mah Lithium Polymer Battery
4. Dimension: 10*10cm
5. Height: 3cm
6. Flight travel: ≧30m
7. Flight time: 9-10min

Package includes:

  1. Pre-assembled QR Ladybird Quadcopter
  2. 3.7v 240mah Lithium Polymer Battery
  3. 2.4ghz 4-Channel DEVO 2402D Transmitter
  4. USB Battery Charger
  5. Instruction Manual
  6. 4 Extra Rotor Blades.