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Item# WalkeraHeli-FP-2402D-RTF-24G
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Product Description

Genius FP is one of the smallest and lightest 4-channel RC Helicopter in the world. It is only 220mm in length and 38 grams in weight. The advantage being lightweight is that it is fast and durable, and you can take it anywhere you go. With its cutting edge and beautiful modern designs, Genius FP captures the attention of everyone who sees it up the sky.

Genius FP is pre-installed with a brushed Main and Tail Motor. It also comes equipped with servo and a 3-axis gyro for precise, stable, and smooth flying. This impressive RC helicopter is perfect for all kind of pilots, as it is highly sturdy and suitable for both indoor/outdoor flying.

Why "Flybarless" is good?
It means less moving parts and less repairing. Energy saving also let you fly your helicopter 25%-35% longer.
Main Rotor Diameter: 223mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 45 mm
Overall Length: 220mm
Overall Weight: 38g
Main Motor: Brush 0820R
Tail Motor: Brush 0615R
Servo: wk-02-4 (0.12sec/60)
GYRO: 3-axis
Battery: 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po
Radio: 2402D 2.4Ghz (DSSS) ARM micro computer system encoder (requires 8 AA Batteries)

The design of flybarless balance characterizes low power loss and great efficiency improvement
Sophisticated 3-Axis gyro flybarless stabilization system automatically adjusts the controls for stable flight
Mature low voltage driven system presents a green, environmental friendly and safety concept
Micro size helicopter recommended for indoors, providing 7-9 minutes of flight time after fully charged

Needed to complete
-8 x AA batteries for Transmitter
-Charge lipo battery fully before first flight (***Please note that the lipo battery comes partially charge for long storage and safe shipping reasons. Must be fully charged before first flight)
-The Genius FP comes ready to fly, however please read through the manual and understand how the helicopter functions. The manual explains how the controls work and how the servos move in the correct direction when controlled from the transmitter. Always do a pre-flight check before flight or a crash may happen. Doing a pre-flight check will ensure a safe and fun flight