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Virtual Reality RC Racing PC Simulator Kit

Virtual Reality RC Racing PC Simulator Kit
Item# 09P88_VirtualCarSimKit
Price: $19.95
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Product Description

If you find racing professional remote control car is much harder than you think, then try our Virtual Reality Racing Simulator Kit! You don't have to waste money on over-rated software that cost hundreds of dollars when you can just pay $19.95 to get one of the best-rated rc car racing simulator program in the world.  

USB RC Car Model Simulator - complete package with FREE downloadable software - works with windows XP-Vista.  After you installed the software, All that is required for you to do is connect the USB cable from the supplied transmitter to your computer and off you go! 

You can play all Virtual RC games with it and all other racing sims. Perfect to practice your driving skills at home!

We've heard great success with this simulator kit.  Some people could spend year after year and still can't get used to racing remote controlled nitro cars but with the help of this simulator kit, all it may take could be just days before you truly become a master at racing.

This new simulator gives you real world racing experiences from your PC. Its Link Controller plugs into a USB port on your computer. It looks and feels just like a real transmitter.