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New Prime Star 3 Channel RC Super Mini MicroHeli Space Rover

Item# UT-UT1002B-MicroHeli
Price: $15.34
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Product Description

Prime Star introduces its newest sub micro Space Rover 3 channel helicopter. Measuring just about 3 1/2 inches in length, this little chopper is one of the smallest and most unique we have seen yet. The co-axial rotor design and the additional help of an on board gyro allows this rover to maneuver through the toughest obstacles. The wheels also allow it to coast on varying surfaces. Its lightweight and 3.7v lithium power makes it stable, nimble, and very easy to fly. The durable chassis features an enclosed fuselage for added durability and protection against debris. An LED light on the nose and two red LED on opposing sides of the cockpit ensures your ability to see this micro chopper when the lights go dim.

- Wide angle infrared control
- Miniature design
- Rechargeable through transmitter
- Onboard gyro
- 3 channel digital proportional control
- Alignment Trim
- Charging and power indicator on transmitter
- Rotate clockwise, counter clockwise, forward and rearward flight

Battery: 3.7v Li-poly, 6x AAA for transmitter (not included)
Charging Time¡G30min
Flight Time: 5-6 min
Operation Range: 8-10 m