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Dance Dance Revolution DDR TV Pad - No consoles or systems require just plug into the TV and Play!

Dance Dance Revolution DDR TV Pad - No consoles or systems require just plug into the TV and Play!
Item# TVGame_DancingPad
Price: $19.95
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Product Description

Do you want to start losing weight even though you don't have any consoles or systems (such as Playstation or X Box)? Well, we have one available for you. You can simply connect this pad to a television and start dancing!
  • 50 stereo quality tunes, including My Heart Will Go On, Hero, Follow the Sun, If You Were Here, etc.  (no lyrics)
  • Easy hook-up, connect directly to the TV with RCA/Composite connectors
  • Power button directly on control unit, instant fun with a push of a button
  • The ultimate dancing game combining fun, excitement, competition, choreography and a great workout
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Bonus sticky pad included
  • 8-bit graphics and sound
  • Size: 36" x 31"

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is a video game like no other! You will lose weight while having fun playing Dance DDR games. Dance Dance Revolution game is so much fun people tend to play for hours without getting bored. The players forget that they are actually doing exercise when they are playing DDR games. CNN news has written a detailed article about healthy benefits of weight lose video game Dance Dance Revolution. With DDR weight lose video game, you can bring whole family members closer together while having fun and getting healthier.  This offers latest DDR Home version pads for your TV!!. That's right. You do not need expensive video game console such as Playstation or XBox to play DDR. Check out our specially priced DDR weight losing video game pad.

You don't need to have a Playstation or X Box system to play DDR! Introducing the most affordable Dance Dance Revolution TV Pad; you can use this TV Dance Pad without having a DDR game or a system. The game is integrated in this dance pad so that you can see the game screen on your TV!