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Gas RC trainers are model airplanes designed to make learning to fly as easy as possible and all trainers have the same basic features, the most noticeable ones being the high wing with noticeable dihedral, which is the term that refers to the upward 'V' angle of the wings as viewed from the front of the plane.

Gas rc trainer airplanes are generally designed to run on a '40' or '46' size glow plug engine and are typically 3 or 4 channel.  The common channels shared by a 3 or 4 channel model are throttle, elevator and rudder. The optional 4th channel are the ailerons which offer more precise directional control of the model and allow much smoother aerobatics, for when you've mastered the basics. Adding the 4th channel does mean having to learn more co-ordination but this isn't as bad as it sounds and you'll be surprised how quickly you get used to it! Shown below are our most popular gas rc trainer airplanes.