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Top Flying EPP Foam Radio Remote Control R/C Airplane Crash Proof
Top Flying EPP Foam Radio Remote Control R/C Airplane Crash Proof
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Product Description

TOP FLYING EPP Radio Remote Control Mini RC Aircraft Ready to Fly

This TOP FLYING R/C Airplane is a ready-to-fly plane out of the box; it is the perfect choice for beginners and intermediate hobbyist. It is the most amazing crash proof remote control airplane out there. This TOP FLYING is constructed of durable materials to withstand more impact than any other electric flight plane in the industry. All of which was accomplished without sacrificing the performance of the plane. The  TOP FLYING is an amazing flying RC plane with incredible strength and flexibility.  This plane is the perfect choice for all all ages including beginners and intermediate hobbyist because of its strength and durability.

Ninja Glider


  • Durable remote control stunt plane
  • Flies up to 100H'
  • Command stunts like 360 loops and sidewinders
  • Plane will climb, dive, bank right, bank left and stunt
  • Built from a single piece of high-density EPP foam

Ninja Glider


About EPP Foamies


EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) foam is a fairly recent innovation that has revolutionized the slope soaring segment of our hobby and is rapidly finding applications to the mainstream R/C community.  Slope combat enthusiasts are making scale warbirds out of this material for full contact combat. These planes are flown in 30+ mph ridge lift and are designed to ram into each other at high speed and crash to the ground with no damage. EPP foam doesn't dent or break. It has a "spongy" quality to it, so on impact it compresses and pops back to shape. You can nose dived an EPP plane straight into the ground during "rough landings" only to have it bounce about 3 feet in the air and come to rest upside down.  The only damage will be some grass stains on the tape covering.  Having this kind of crash resistance is truly liberating.


Ninja Glider

Ninja Glider

Ninja Glider
Weight 1210g, 2 Motors, 4.8V Battery, Extra Propellers, Flying Time 3-5 Minutes, Transmitter, 500mm Width, 400mm Length

Ninja Glider
Flies over 15 Meter High,  2-Channel Control, Altitude and Rotor Speed Control, Flight Stabilizing System, Brake for Landing, Charges in Minutes