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The ALL NEW Much Bigger Syma Titan Dragonfly 2 Channel RTF Helicopter Over 2 Feet Long!!

The ALL NEW  Much Bigger Syma Titan Dragonfly  2 Channel RTF Helicopter Over 2 Feet Long!!
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Product Description

The ALL NEW  Much Bigger Syma Titan Dragonfly  2 Channel RTF Helicopter

The All New Syma  Titan SM605 is the better and 30% bigger than specification version of the 9083 radio control helicopter, the key improvement is the size and with that you can hover even easier. This style of the New Syma Dragonfly making it very steady in flight so its a bit more more forgiving.

The New Syma Titan SM605 is over 2 feet long, has the easy to fly controls found in the new generation of RC helicopters and for maximum crash resistance includes carbon fiber and aluminum parts usually only found in the more expensive helicopters. It is controlled via a two channel transmitter giving 4-way directional control (forward, ascend, left & right) and has adjustable trim via the on board potentiometer

The radio controlled helicopter includes all accessories needed such as fast charger and 7.2 volt battery (transmitter requires 8 x AA batteries - not supplied)

The minimal amount of practice is needed to fly this RC helicopter even if your a beginner. Suitable for large indoor areas and outdoor flight in zero wind conditions. Simply remove from the box install charged batteries and your ready to go! The high capacity NI-MH battery will give 15 minutes (approx) of flight time.

Specification of the Syma Titan Dragonfly RC Helicopter
Fully assembled
Carbon Fiber fuselage
High power S-380 motor
2 Channel controls
Length: 28inches
Height: 20.5mm
Main rotor length: 24inches
Weight: 275 grams
Charge time: 3 hours (approx)
Flight duration: 15 minutes (approx)
Range of transmitter: 100 meters
For large indoor areas and outdoor use (in zero wind conditions)
This is not a toy: suitable for ages 14 and over

Accessories included with this Item
7.2v rechargeable battery
US mains charger (3 hour)
2 channel transmitter (requires 8 x AA batteries - not supplied)
Instruction manual