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Staudacher S-300D 40 - 53" ARF R/C Radio Remote Controlled Nitro Gas Plane
Staudacher S-300D 40 - 53" ARF R/C Radio Remote Controlled Nitro Gas Plane
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Product Description

The Staudacher ARF is a great aerobatic airplane for anyone who likes flying. The kit includes a light-ply fuselage and a fiberglass cowling done in red and pink. The wings are built up and covered with matching blue and yellow and pink covering. All control surfaces have beveled leading edges and the control horn mounts are preinstalled. The wing is complete with CA hinges. The leading edge of the wing is pre-shaped. The kit includes full color decals. 




Out of the box:

Well packed and protected. All wood rib construction wing, perfectly sheeted and covered, ailerons pre-hinged and installed. Empennage is also all wood stick built, elevators and rudder is hinged. Covering job is outstanding, no sags or wrinkles. Very elaborate color scheme is used on wings and fuselage. Whole construction is light and strong, simple lines throughout the design. Complete hardware package, fuel tank, wheels and motor mount is included. Fiberglass wheel pants are painted for you. Perfect first or second aerobatic plane for intermediate flyers.

Simple, affordable, aerobatic



Wing Span: 53"
Weight: 5.73lb
Length: 46.5"
Wing Area:
Wing Loading: 27.63oz./sq.ft.
Engine Required: 2c 40~46, 4c 52
Radio 4 Channel 5 Servos






Engine, servos, transmitter, and other electronic items are sold separately!  This is an airplane kit only, no electronics!  Assembly required.

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