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Special! Two (2) Airsoft RC Tanks 1/16 Scale (German Tiger Tank + Snow Leopard M26)

Special!  Two (2) Airsoft RC Tanks 1/16 Scale (German Tiger Tank + Snow Leopard M26)
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Product Description

Special!  Two (2) Airsoft RC Tanks 1/16 Scale!  The German Tiger Tank & Snow Leopard 1/16th Scale Radio Remote Control Air Soft BB Bulet Battle RC Tanks.  Buy this set and save on shipping!  You and your friend can have plenty of fun playing together.  You can race them, battle with them, and show off with airsoft firing competition!

Tiger Airsoft German RC Tank

Description:1/16 Scale R/C Battle Tank
Features: R/C battle tank max firing range of motor air gun appr.25M (with Hop-up System). Automatic electric gun system installed, perfect actions radio control battle tank.

The tank can move on a rough road.

Full operation: Forward, reverse, regular turning, pivot turning, turret turning, recoil action and 88mm barrel up & down, super chassis, realistic suspension system, rubber covered wheels, pre-assembled tracks. A realistic commander is equipped to enable this monster machine to run with full action.

Max. Firing range of motor air gun: Appr.25M (with hop-up system) Gun shell:6 mm BB shell Load of shells: Appr.40 shells Max. Side turning angle of turret(left/right): Appr.320 degree Max. Vertical turning angle of gun(Up/down): Appr. 20degree Max. Climbing gradient (changeable on different road surfaces): Appr. 35 degree Full length: 530 mm Full wildth: 232 mm Full Height: 188 mm 3 frequency, 9 band for change. Equipped with high gripping caterpillar. Vivid simulation of actions of actual battle tank.

Tiger Airsoft German RC Tank

  56cm X 35cm X23cm

Tiger Airsoft German RC Tank

Tiger Airsoft German RC Tank

Want to see the toy in action?  Click play below for video!!