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Speed Controller for Radio Remote Control Airplane 3380 to 3386

Speed Controller for Radio Remote Control Airplane 3380 to 3386
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Product Description

Speed Controller for Radio Remote Control Airplane 3380 to 3386

Electric Speed Control for Radio Control Airplane

OUR Electronic Speed Controllers ARE MADE FOR ALL Electric R/C Airplanes !!! Can power up to a 600-Motor!

The Buy-It-Now price is for ONE Tamiya-Standard Style-SD-MC10ADP Speed Controller Currently, we have over 5,000 pcs of this in stock and need to sell at this low low price to make room for new arrivals ! This ESC retail at least over $50 in retail store (most places we distribute to sell for around $38 ) Who buys from us??? Our ESC are used by many manufacturers all over the world in r/c electric planes, and many schools and hobby institutions (mostly those engineering dudes)!

"Designed to work with almost all Radio Control Systems"
Compatiable w/: FUTABA, JR, HITEC, AIRTRONICS, GWS, SANWA & AASHAI Radio Systems

This is the Great Planes Compatiable micro high frequency electronic speed control with the battery eliminator circuitry (BEC). It is designed for electric motors up to a speed 600 in size. It will handle up to an 8 cell battery pack and is rated for a maximum of 22 amps continous current.

Great Planes for illustration purposes only. It is NOT included.

Model of product: SD-MC10ADP, Voltage of work: 7.2-8.4V, Maximal output currency: 18A, Voltage drop: <0.4V, Weight: 22.5g, Size: 34.6*26.6*15.2mm

Function: This second-generation digital proportional speed controller has the function of automatic protection on low voltage, low reduction voltage and fixed motor firing point; Yet, the biggest advantages are its sensitive reaction and strong anti-interference. Even when the sending set is turned off, the motor will not make error action. This ESC is safe, reliable, and powerful.

Compact Powerhouse
The SD-MC10ADP electronic speed control (ESC) is extremely compact to minimize weight and simplify installation. It is an ideal speed control for electric airplanes up to a speed 600 motor size. The throttle function is fully proportional, so you can go from a slow idle to full throttle utlilizing the throttle control on your transmitter. It uses a "safe start" system to prevent accidental motor starts. In order to activate the throttle, you must first advance the throttle to full on, wait a couple of seconds and then pull the throttle to full off. This then "arms" the throttle and you are then ready to advance the throttle and the motor and propellor will begin to turn.
Battery Eliminator Circuitry (BEC)
The battery eliminator circuitry allows you to use the battery that is powering the motor to also power the servos. The SD-MC10ADP can power both the receiver and up to three standard, mini or micro servos, then as the motor draws the current down in the battery, the SD-MC10ADP will cut off the power to the motor when it reaches 4.8 volts, leaving enough current to continue to power the receiver and servos so that you can safely land your airplane.
The micro electronic speed control features factory installed battery connector (Tamiya/standard style), a built-in thermal shutdown protection which turns the motor off if the transistors in the ESC overheat, reverse polarity protection if you accidentally get the battery polarity reversed and an on/off switch. The SD-MC10ADP is an ultra high frequency ESC to optimize battery run time and cool operation of the ESC.
Special Note
If you are using an Airtronics Z, Hitec S or JR receiver, the receiver plug on the ESC will have to be modified to fit those brands and styles of receivers. This is easily accomplished by removing the polarity tab on the ESC receiver plug so that it will fit into those receivers. Motor wires are white (positive) and blue (negative).
Battery with female Tamiya/standard connector to plug into the preinstalled male Tamiya/standard connector on the ESC. Requires you to solder the capacitors onto the motor if the motor does not already have pre-installed capacitors and solder the motor leads onto the motor.
Purchase Price Includes
One  SD-MC10ADP micro electronic speed control with battery eliminator circuitry with Tamiya/standard style battery connectors, Futaba J style receiver connector, on/off switch, capacitors, Schottky diode for added efficiency, 2.75" long small shrink tubing.