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Snow Leopard M26 1/16th Scale RC AirSoft Smoking Tank (Sound & Smoke Effect)

Snow Leopard M26 1/16th Scale RC AirSoft Smoking Tank (Sound & Smoke Effect)
Item# 3838-1_SmokeLeopard
Price: $79.95
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Product Description

NEW!!! Snow Leopard M26 1/16th Scale RC Air Soft Tanks NOW WITH SOUND AND SMOKE AND PED-RAIL, which allows the tanks to climb obstacles!!!

NEW 1:16 R/C M26 PERSHING Tank Model(Smoke and Sound!!)

This is the 1/16 electric radio-control kit of the U.S. Medium Tank M26 Pershing that made its appearance during the end of WWII. Overall length: 47cm, overall width: 32.5cm, overall height: 18.5cm.

Want to see the toy in action?  Click play below for video!!

New great features: Start-up/Extinguish Set; New Firing Sound; New Built-in Smoke Generator; Simulative motor start-up sound,engine sound,machine-gun sound,cannonball sound.Emulational action effect.The sound can adjust.

How to operate: Switch the remove control to ON firstly. Then switch the button on the button of the tank to ON. Press the Start-up button, the tank sounds simulative starting motor sound. Please wait 5 seconds, the headlight can light. So the tank goes into operate state and emits smoking. You can control the smoking switch to emits smoking or not. In normal state, press the machine-gun shooting switch button, the tank sounds simulative shooting sound. Press the BB shoot joy stick, the tank sounds simulative cannonball sound and it backwards at the same time. The player can adjust the simulative shooting sound and the simulative cannonball sound. (Bombard and rebound. Body bouncing back with sound) . Pass different frequency must change different crystal socket. The player can change different crystal socket. The remote controller and the tank both have a crystal socket. Once the frequency is set on the tank, the tank can only accept control signals sent from a remote controller whose frequency is also set to the same. The special function makes it possible for some tanks to play on the same ground at the same time. There is litter aerosol in tank at factory. You must add 2-3ml.aerosol for the first time use. The 2-3ml. aerosol can use about 2 hours. Moreover, this kit features headlights and brake lamps that light-up and main gun and front machine gun that flash. Digital controls will allow beginners to achieve smooth maneuvers. The sound of the engine and other functions giving an impressively realistic feel.

Check out this incredible Air Soft Smoking rc tank! It comes with barrel that moves up and down 30 degree, and turret turns 320 degree emulation music and action effect. Full scale R/C function, realistic smoking function supper chassis, realistic suspension system. Full scale R/C function simulative motor include start up sound, engine sound, machine gun sound, cannonball sound emulation action effect. Change the frequency yourself, over 1 tank can be play at the same time.
1. Max firing range of Motor Air Gun: Appr.25m(With hop-up system)
2. Gun shell: 6mm BB shell
3. Load of shells: Aprr.40 shells
4. Max side Turning Angel of Turret (left/right)Aprr.320 degree
5. Max Vertical Turning Angel of Gun (up/down) Appr.20 degree
6. Max Climbing Gradient (changeable on different road surfaces) Apr.35 degree
7. Forward. high speed forward, backward, high speed backward, spin, shoot BB bullets
8. Rechargeable battery: 7.2v-1700mAh
9. AC-DC Adaptor
10. 6m/m Ball bullet 80~100 pcs
11. Battery for the controller excluded: 8pcs of " AA " size