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Smallest Hidden Spy Video Camcorder/Recorder/Cam w/ FREE 4GB Memory Disk, Records up to 4 Hour Video AVI

Smallest Hidden Spy Video Camcorder/Recorder/Cam w/ FREE 4GB Memory Disk, Records up to 4 Hour Video AVI
Item# 06P-MC-001-Mini-Gum-DVR-4GB
Price: $55.00
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Product Description

So, are things going OK with the spy pen I told you about earlier in the year? Found out who was stealing your paper clips, or what your colleagues REALLY thought of you? Glad to hear it- youíve passed your initiation into the world of spies, and now youíre ready to move on to catching the bigger fish.

The great thing about the spy pen was how mobile it was. If, however, youíre looking for something a little more static and more able to be hid away in the corner, then you may be better equipped with the Mini Spy Video Camera. To me it looks a little like an MP3 player, or a really slim line phone. Other people think it doesnít really look like anything- certainly not something interesting enough to attract any attention. Perfect- leave it out and get I spying.

So if you want to find out what your cat got to up while you were out or whos been stealing your socks in the middle of the night (my money is on the Leprechauns) you simply conceal it somewhere unobtrusive (in said sock drawer maybe, or on a shelf) and itíll record whatever passes itís line of sight. It is portable if youíd prefer, and can be concealed in your handbag or pocket or even a packet of cigarettes. Itís wireless (comes with a USB cable to charge) and when fully juiced has 2 to 3 hours recording time. It records to micro SD cards and fits approximately 5 and a half hours per 1GB. Then you simply take the video file off the card onto the computer and challenge your target.

Perfect for catching someone in the act, blackmail and making your friends look silly on the Internet. In fact, check out the link below to see Red5 catching a Storm Trooper in a very embarrassing situation?#60;/p>

What your mini interview recorder includes:

Mini Interview Recorder
USB cable
User manual
4GB Micro SD Memory Disk - Can store up to 4 Hours of Video!


Tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses
Itís great for use as a hidden camera etc.
Real time recording in AVI video format.
Color video with voice lets you clearly see whoís there &hear what they say.
Place it up high or conceal it down low. With built-in rechargeable battery so thereís no long cord for you to hide.
Use micro SD card from 128MB to 4GB - Included FREE 4GB Memory Card
Playback video on cell phone or PC

Camera Technical Parameter

Video Compression: AVI video format,640*480
br>  Micro SD card/T-Flash card support:128MB to 4GB
Video File Size:>500KB per minute
Recording Mode: Continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
Adaptor Type: USB adaptor charging cable
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Record Time:4-6 hours

A Quick Look at your Mini Interview Recorder

1.Power on/off
2.Record/Stop Button
3.Hold (recording alone button)
4.Micro SD card slot
6.Recharge Light
7.Video Light 8.Record Light
9.USB Port

Installing a Memory Card

This camera has a 4GB memory installed already.  It's ready to use out of the box! Can upgrade to 4GB for 4 Hours of recording.