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SkyTech EXTREME AIRSHIP - Radio Remote Control RC Tri-Turbo Blimp

SkyTech EXTREME AIRSHIP - Radio Remote Control RC Tri-Turbo Blimp
Item# SkyTecShip
Price: $27.95
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Product Description

The best features of the SkyTec Extreme Airship design is augmented in the Tri-Turbofan System! The Tri-Turbofan is the natural progression of the R/C Indoor Radio Controlled Airship product line. This is high performance Indoor Radio Controlled Fun at an Affordable Price.

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Your Tri-Turbofan SkyTec Airship will arrive at your home ready to fly! Fill the Airship Balloon with helium, attach the Tri-Turbofan to the balloon, add batteries and you are ready to go in 3 minutes!

You will have a big smile on your face as you pilot your Flying Saucer or Blimp Indoors - from the comfort of your living room chair, gymnasium, or auditorium!

Handheld Transmitter/Controller Tri-Turbo Fan Receiver/Propulsion System

Comes with 1x 48" UFO Saucer. Ballast putty for neutral buoyancy Complete Instructions and Piloting Tips Range of over 200 feet


More Power More Maneuverability! - Three Micro-motor Powered Hi-Thrust Helical Propellers for Full Aerial Maneuverability!

Digital Radios - Three Channel Microprocessor Control Radio Control System!

Perfect for 'Aerial Sumo Racing' - Fly Up to 4 Airships at once! Compete with your Friends for Aerial Supremacy!

Indoor Flying Is Fun - And we make it easy to start!

The Multi-Controller Transmitter modulates the thrust from each propeller independently allowing you to take off and land vertically, spin in place, and fly in all directions.

Within a few minutes you will be able to pilot your airship around your living room like a pro. How very relaxing flying like this truly is!

Additional mylar blimp & saucer envelopes available. Freely interchangeable with any main units.

Balloon is filled using helium canisters, available from most party shops & florists.

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"Joe Randall of Kingsport adjusts the weight on one of the smaller blimps during the Skytec Airship Air Show"

  • Radio Control (Multiple frequencies)
  • Fly Indoors
  • Safe & Durable (Space material)
  • Easy Assembly (Flight deck fits all SKYTEC Airships)

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4 Feet Long - Turns, Climbs & Dives - Race with Friends

Requires: Helium & four AA Batteries  NOT inluded.