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Silver P-38 Lightning 50 - 90" Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled RC War Plane Almost-Ready-to-Fly
Silver P-38 Lightning 50 - 90" Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled RC War Plane Almost-Ready-to-Fly
Item# 90A57S_Gas_BigP38_Silver
Price: $225.00
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Product Description

P-38 Lightning 52 - 90" Twin Engine ARF RC Warbird Plane "The most gangster fighter aircraft of World War 2"

This a fast, powerful and capable aircraft that performed well in a wide range of roles! The aircraft has twin booms with the engines mounted forward, and a single, central nacelle containing the pilot and armament.

Key Features
Our evergreen model airplane
Top quality balsa and plywood construction
One of the finest ARF kits on the market
All wood constructions with fiberglass parts
Trimmed and painted cowling by fuel proof paint
Pre-hinged flaps for smoother landing
Hand iron-on color covering
Comes with all hardware and accessories

Wing span: 90 in / 2300mm
Wing area: 1085 sq in / 70sq dm
Flying weight: 12 lb / 5500g
Fuselage length: 67 in / 1700 mmx2
Engine Required: 2c x 0.52 in x 2 or  4c 0.61cu in x2
Radio Required: 5channels, 11 servos

The P-38 Lightning was the Army's fastest and most heavily armed fighter. The concentration of firepower in the Lightning's nose was so effective that a one-second burst could destroy an enemy plane. In the Pacific Theater, Lightning pilots downed more Japanese aircraft than pilots flying any other Allied airplane.

"I don't need a P-47, P-52, or a F-4U. Just give me a P-38 Lightning and I'll be happy" 

Want to see the toy in action?  Click play below for video!!


Engine, servos, transmitter, and other electronic items are sold separately!  This is an airplane kit only, no electronics!  Assembly required.

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