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Red Nose Radio Remote Control Mini Model RC Airplane, RTF
Red Nose Radio Remote Control Mini Model RC Airplane, RTF
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Product Description

Red Nose Radio Remote Control Mini Model Airplane, RTF.   It is our honor to deliver this miniature rc aircraft.  Made of light-duty plastics and foam materials, it only weights 62g.  Although small size, it has great power and high performance of anti-crash.  By controlling the rotating speed of the 2 motors on the wings, it can ascend, descent and turn left and right.  The Red Nose RC Aircraft is one of the safest r/c airplane in the market.  This model can be charged with the remote controller, which makes it to play.



Ascending, descending & whirling


Light plane body, high intensity, convenience for handiness and agility for operation and quickly rechargeable battery.
The use of ABS engine with a whole mold craft for easier assembly.
Two speed selectable control.
Altitude & rotor speed control.
Flight stabilizing system.
Brake for easy landing, can fly as a Glider ( without Motor Power ).
Revolution charging system ( Use the remote control as a charge so you can play continuously with interruption ).


One 2 channel remote controller, plane wings, plane body and the plumb tail wings.
Stabilizer, screw-driver, nickel rechargeable battery (for the plane), landing gear set, air screw and extra set of propellers.

Operational requirements:

Suitable to the age of 12 or above.
Operation requires vast areas ( e.g. in the