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REFURBISHED - 3-Channel Accipiter Badius RTF

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Product Description

Refurbished Huge Super Soarer electric 3 channel radio-controlled glider/plane kit with variable speed control and everything needed to fly including the radio transmitter.

This newly designed Slope DiverT glider/plane kit has a 42" wingspan and is RTF (ready to fly).  It includes a motor, two micro servos with control rods pre-attached, and receiver pre-installed.  It also comes with a new improved 8.4V NiMh (nickel metal hydrade) battery flight pack, and charger.    

This aircraft operates as both a glider and a plane.  The huge wingspan in combination with lightweight construction and  the powerful 380 Mabuchi type motor provide terrific lift.  Once airborne at high altitudes simply use the variable speed control on the transmitter to adjust throttle speed or turn it off completely to collapse the prop in flight for maximum glide time!


  • Digital proportional standardized radio control system.
  • Motor controller has a sensitive reaction, has a low voltage drop and strong anti-interference.
  • Interchangeable crystals are available on 3 separate frequencies making for trouble free competition or flights with pilots who have planes up concurrently.
  • Newer high performance turbo 380 motor that uses low electric current while maximizing power.
  • Excellent gliding function. By turning off the motor, the prop will collapse in flight to reduce resistance and maximize aero-dynamics.
  • Easy for a beginner to operate because it is lightweight yet has a sturdy construction.
  • Reversible rudder and elevator controls.
  • Battery: New and improved Ni-Mh (8.4V) for longer lasting flight time.
  • Neck-strap holder pre-installed on all radio transmitters.
  • Tow holes included under nose.
  • Excellent high altitude slow gliding/soaring. Extraordinarily stable to use as a true UAV (un-manned aerial vehicle).  The plane can naturally take on the added weight of a micro-camera with just minor adjustments to it's center of gravity.






The main and tail wings attach quickly so it only takes about 20 minutes to assemble. Just charge the Ni-Mh battery flight pack for about 4 hours on the first go round you are ready to fly within hours after you receive the package.  The battery pack  will get you about 10-12 minutes of flight time (more if you turn the power off at high altitudes and start gliding).   Each charge after that is about 2-3 hours.  The fuselage and tail boom is made of durable sturdy hard poly plastic.  The wings are made of light weight molded and coated reinforced foam.  The control rods are steel and are pre-attached to the servos so other than attaching the wings and charging the battery you are ready to fly today!

Upon ordering you will be given an option of one of 3 frequencies to choose from and all are in the 27 Mhz. range.  The transmitter has 3 channels: one channel operates the elevator, a second channel operates the rudder and a third channel operates the throttle control with a variable speed switch.

Beginners shouldn’t fly it in more than about 8 mph of wind.  However experienced pilots should be able to fly the Slope DiverTM with confidence in 12-15 mph winds.  

This plane is recommended for 14 years or older, as the thrust and power of the turbo 380 motor will easily pull out of a weak grasp.  Also, this plane needs the full radius of it's 1500 foot distance of control.  So pilots definitely will need some unobstructed, cleared land in which to fly.

Inside the fuselage is a micro receiver, a speed controller, motor, two control rods and two sub-micro servos.   Each component of the Slope DiverTM has an available replacement part.

1. Wingspan: 42 inches 1100mm
2. Length:  32 inches 820mm
3. Weight:

15.87 ounces

4. Power Supply (flight pack):  8.4V 600mAh NiMh (7 cell) 8.4V 600mAh NiMh  (7 cell)
5. Radio Equipment: Full 3 channel SD-27 Mhz. Full 3 channel SD-27 Mhz. 
6. Motor: 380 380
7. Distance of Control: 1580 feet 500m
8. Rising velocity: 16 feet per second 5 meters per second
9. Flight time: 12 or more minutes on each charged flight pack (depending upon if you glide more).
10. Packing details:
Each unit is packed in hard foam insulated box.
Product Condition

This Less-Than-New Product is functional but may be slightly used or blemished. It has been carefully inspected and repackaged.

Sorry, NO RETURNS on refurbished items.  ALL SALES FINAL!!  Limited Stocks!