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RC Wireless Remote Control Intelligent Robot w/ Dynamic Walking & Turning

RC Wireless Remote Control Intelligent Robot w/ Dynamic Walking & Turning
Item# TT319_Robman
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Product Description

X- Robot is full programmable via an ergonomically designed remote control. He can perform an amazing many pre-programmed functions, and carry them out in any combination you choose. It is highly intelligent that can perform many amazing tasks: walk, backward, wave, pick up objects, dance with music, sit ups and get up….

RC Robit


·        Highly intelligent robot that can respond to your command, pre-programmed functions in any combination

·        Eyes light up when awake, mouth lights up when talk

·        Walking, backward, make turn, kick

·        Pick up objects, wave hand

·        Dance with own music

·        Sit-ups, get up if fall down

·        Bend at the waist, stand up

·        12” high, 8 1/2” across shoulders


Detailed Product Description
Main functions:
1. Dynamic walking & turning.
2. Getting up from sit down..
3. Stand up when I fall down.
4. Functional pick-up magnetic arm with opposing handgrip thumb.
5. Dances and exercises.
6. Fluent extensive speaking.
7. My eyes and mouth can light up and flash.
8. I can wave to you.

RC Robit

Battery information (not included):
1. Your robot is powered by 10 x "aa" size batteries. The remote controller is powered by 3 x "aa" size batteries.
2. Enough to be played for over 10 hours.

RC Robit

RC Robit

RC Robit

RC Robit