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R/C Amphibious Stunt Land/Water Car (Yellow)

R/C Amphibious Stunt Land/Water Car (Yellow)
Item# 757T-2043-StuntCar-Yellow
Price: $29.95
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Product Description

R/C Amphibious Stunt Land/Water Car

This amazing stunt car can goes anywhere with tons of moves that you can think of. Fun remote control R/C Toy Car for the whole family and bring a smile and enjoyment to everyone. The Amphibious Stunt Car can go forward, backward, turn left, turn right, and 360 spins that make your eyes dizzy. Super Fun with easy to control and comes in 3 different colors to choose from. This amphibious stunt car goes on floor pavement, ice, snow, water, sand land, grassland, and its water proof. It is design with double motor that power through any surface.

Water/Snow/Land Vehicle
Twin Powerful Motors
Harden Body to Protect any Crash
Length: 10 Inches
Width:  7 Inches

Stunt Car
6V Rechargeable Battery
Wall Charger
9V Battery
Instruction Manual