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Radio Remote Control RC Submarine Cloud Fish *All New*

Radio Remote Control RC Submarine Cloud Fish *All New*
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Product Description

Radio Remote Control RC Clown Fish (Rechargeable Fish Submarine) New!!!

The New RC Clown fish is a blast in the aquarium or pool!

One trip around the tank with our remote control diving fish and you'll be hooked!

This is the newest and funnest toy on the block. If you've got a pool, aquarium, or a big bath tub. Our friendly clown fish comes in a nice display box and will zip around under the water to depths of over 3 feet, and distances of up to 25 feet!

This will be the toy of the summer get yours while we have them in stock. We have been playing with the clown fish toy for a while and find the controls and manuvering to be very responsive and watching the fish swim around in the tank is a lot of fun. Especially with other real fish swimming around. It looks very reall!

Product Specs:
Batteries needed: 3 AA
Operation Time: about 5 mins
Dimension: Roughly 3 inches
Range: under water 3~3.5m
top of water 25+ feet