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SPECIAL!!! Radio Remote Control RC 2 Speed Nitro Buggy Gas Car + Wireless Mini Spy Camera

SPECIAL!!! Radio Remote Control RC 2 Speed Nitro Buggy Gas Car + Wireless Mini Spy Camera
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Product Description

**BRAND NEW** Complete High-Tech 2 SPEED R/C NITRO GAS BUGGY CAR with an Do-It-Yourself *mini wireless color spycam kit* . It's something you would find out of the James Bond movie once you install the camera in this fast new car!!! **BRAND NEW** Fast Car + Spy Cam = Great Life !!! : )

VALUE OVER $799.99 IN STORE !!! WOW!!!

Yes!!! Wireless color camera inside a “remote control nitro gas car” !!! 
All you need is stick the hidden camera in your car and BOOM! You can start seeing things from the car's perspective!!!  Take less than 3 minutes to install !!!

The R/C CarCam allows you to drive this remote control car as if you were inside the car! With the  RC CarCam,  you can drive the race car completely out of sight while you watch and maneuver the car from a portable TV/Monitor or PC Notebook (capture card/pcmcia required).  The wireless camera last for more than 8 HOURS with one 9V battery !!! Use an VCR or Computer to record everything you want to see from your car !!!

"It is the best thing ever and I never get bored, it's amazing when you can race cars and look outside inside."

"Everyone gets that urge to see somethin' or someone without bein' clocked - surveillance is heavy."

The Car Contains all available hop-up parts; body or engine included!!!Designed to compete in national and local competitions, manufactured at a super-modern facility, ACME's nitro r/c gas cars are created with a mind for high performance racing, speed of 55mph+. This 4-Wheel-Driven Gas Powered Car is a 1/10th scale that combines many sophisticated performance-enhancing features that represent a culmination of the long years of Smartech's design experience.


Up to 1000 feet ( Clear line of sight )
- 1/3 color CMOS
- 330 TV line, 5.5 mm ( 60deg angle lens )
- 9V DC, 150mA (up to 8 hours on 9V batt)
0.8" x 0.8"x .75"

- 1 ch. tuning receiver 
- 12V DC, 300 mA
Included Items:
Wireless Color Camera
Wireless Receiver
Power Adapters
Video Cable
9V battery clip





Easy as 1-2-3 to install !!! Takes less than 3 minutes to set the whole system up and running !!!

The CA-201 is a worlds smallest yet most powerful wireless camera of its kind. New high power 1.2 GHz teacnology provides 1000ft range of transmition with solid stability and will not be interfered by crowded 2.4GHz signals. Great for portable video surveillance or for hobbies. The camera and the built-in transmitter only uses about 150mA of power and operates for up to  8 hours on 9 V battery.

Camera Shot    1/3 , and 1/4 picture sensors
System    PAL/CCIR        NTSC/EIA
Effective Element    PAL: 628x582        NTSC: 510x492
Picture Area    PAL: 5.78x4.19mm        NTSC: 4.69x3.45mm
Definition    380 Lines
Scanning Frequency    PAL/CCIR: 50Hz        NTSC/EIA: 60Hz
Minimum Illumination    3LUX
Output Frequency    900MHz to 1200MHz
Power Supply    +6 volt DC to +12 volt DC
Power Consumption    50mW        200 mW





This Nitro RC 2-Speed Off-Road Buggy is our favorite model. With high speed performance and off road capabilities you get the best of both worlds. The 2-Speed Buggy uses the latest parts and japanese engines, upgraded with a two speed automatic gearbox and tough shock absorbers.  Of course the model also boasts the high build quality with a strong alloy chassis, shaft driven 4WD system and sealed radio compartments. The Condor PRO comes fully built with a 2-speed futaba pistol radio control included.



Nitro RC 2-Speed Off-Road Buggy fully built with futaba 2-speed pistol radio control included.



Width: 267MM
Height: 155MM
Track: 240MM
Length: 430MM
Wheelbase: 280MM
Gear ratio: 5.69:1 (High), 7.83:1 (Low)
Engine: LEO .15
Wheel dial.: 88*34MM(FRONT); 88*41MM(REAR)
Ground clearance: 27MM

1/10 Scale nitro powered car
4WD Shaft drive system
Fully ball raced system
.15 Pull start Japanese engine
Oil-filled shocks
Two speed automatic gear box
Front and rear bevel differentials
75CC Fuel tank
Metal disc brake system
Pre-painted and cut body shell
Sealed box for protecting receiver system


27MHZ CE approved high quality Radio system included with inter-changeable crystals.