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The Palm-RC Lightest Weight Ever RC Indoor Airplane RTF
The Palm-RC Lightest Weight Ever RC Indoor Airplane RTF
Item# ST209971_169_PalmRCPlane
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Product Description

The Palm-RC Micro RC (remote control) planes have landed and are great for all ages. Introducing this one of a kind micro RC plane that flies into living rooms, offices, parks, and more throughout the world!

This micro RC airplane is totally controllable and absolutely fascinating. This mini RC plane is the first true indoor RC airplane that can also be flown outside on calm days.

Makes the perfect gift or surprise for people ages 8-98! Charges directly from the remote control so there is no need to worry about finding a wall outlet. Don't miss out on the hottest and must have toy of the year or spend time waiting in lines.
Makes a great gift for all year long and now is the perfect time to get your hands on them for a fantastic price!

With micro size indoor RC planes you can perform super stunts in your living room, bedroom, and loops in your office! Brilliant for miniature indoor flights, and performing amazing formation aerobatics with your friends. This micro RC plane is certain to become the hottest toy of the year!

Micro RC planes are controlled like micro RC helicopters with a super easy to use two channel remote control.  This mini RC airplane provides the same incredible use of micro technology to bring you this tiny aerobatic plane.

The infra-red controlled plane features a fast charging facility for long flight times and unbelievable performance in the smallest of spaces. The upgraded lithium polymer battery will provide fantastic flights of up to five minutes between charges, yet can be recharged under fifteen minutes with the portable charger provided. Micro RC planes are safe and easy to fly using 2 channel rudder and motor control and is available in three different frequencies enabling 3 RC planes to be flown at the same time.

Micro RC airplanes are shipped completely Ready-to-Fly, with a single powerful micro motor driving a geared pusher prop, and is made of tough expanded polypropylene to survive rough landings.

Tech Spec:
Micro RC Plane Features
Wingspan: 8" (200mm) Length:7" (175mm)
Weight: Under 10 grams including Lithium Polymer Flight Battery
2 Channel Infra Red Bands A B &C
Charge time: 10 minutes Flight Time: 4-5 minutes
6 x AA Alkaline Batteries required for Transmitter.
Control Specification: Supplied completely assembled and already charged ready-to-fly, with pre-installed 2 Channel Infra Red Control System providing Rudder and proportional motor control.
Range: Up to 10m (30ft). Frequency: Infra Red Control System
Bands A, B & C allow up to three Silver lit Infra Red Models to be flown together.
Instruction Manual included: Providing helpful tips for the new or experienced Pilot.
Age Recommendation: 8+ Adult supervision recommended for operation