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NitroModel Zero Fighter 25 - 49" Fuel/Electric Radio Remote Controlled RC Airplane ARF
NitroModel Zero Fighter 25 - 49" Fuel/Electric Radio Remote Controlled RC Airplane ARF
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Product Description

In the early years of WW II, the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M virtually ruled the skies. How did this fast, maneuverable fighter earn the diminutive nickname of "Zero" when it easily outscored its P-40 Warhawk and F4F Wildcat opponents? There's a simple answer: when it was first built, the last digit in the Japanese calendar year was a zero. Although only one flyable Zero is left in the world, you can re-create the drama and terror it inspired with this ARF .25 version from NitroModels.

Zero Fighter-25 & EP
Wing Span: 49.2 in / 1250mm
Wing Area: 372 sq in / 24sq dm
Flying Weight : 2.98lb / 1350 g
Fuselage Length : 38.2 in / 970mm

Required :
4 channels radio w/ 5 pcs 18g servos or 0.25size engine
Li-Poly : 14.8V Out Brushless Motor Speed 450T


The NitroModel Zero .25 ARF features built-up balsa/ply structures and is covered with NitroCote. It comes with a complete hardware package, main gear and tailwheel, assembled pushrods, fuel tank, plastic spinner and precut canopy. Additional features include hinged and pinned control surfaces, painted fiberglass cowl and installed throttle cable and engine mount. All of the major pieces are individually wrapped to prevent them from being dinged and scratched.

The NitroModel Zero fighter is a great value for its price tag! It can be assembled quickly, the parts fit is good, and it has great  flight characteristics for a sport-scale airplane. You will enjoy building and flying this plane and we recommend it to anyone who's looking for a nice sport-scale aircraft that can go both gas and electric!