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New Yellow Nitro Gas Long EZ-46 Voyager Radio Remote Controlled RC Plane ARF Airplane
New Yellow Nitro Gas Long EZ-46 Voyager Radio Remote Controlled RC Plane ARF Airplane
Item# Gas_YellowLongEZ46
Price: $89.00
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Product Description

ARF Long EZ .46 Pusher Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control RC Plane!

This is a kit that will make the most critical modeler happy. Excellent quality workmanship. Fuel tank, linkage, wheels, wheel pants, motor mount, etc.. Most everything necessary to get you in the air is included. You will need radio, engine, tools and adhesives.

Light and strong, finished in sporty decals. This plane has removable wing halves that will make it convenient for transport. This is an excellent plane to set up for aerial photography. No prop in the front to get in the way and most of the fuel mess associated with glow engines should be eliminated.

The directions for constructions/assembly are in process of being updated and improved upon. If you have any modeling experience, this kit should not pose any problems.

Clean, fast design. The canard (front wing) is the elevator. This design is stall resistant.

Specs: Wing Span 57 inches ?1450 mm

Weight 5lbs. 91 oz approx.
Fuse length 39 inches
Wing area 589 sq. in.

Engine suggested - .40 - .46 (2-cycle) .52 (4 cycle)
Requires 4 Channel Radio, 5 servo’s.

This famous Rutan Design is among a long line of successes.


Engine, servos, transmitter, and other electronic items are sold separately!  This is an airplane kit only, no electronics!  Assembly required.

Due to the United States Post Office's International shipping size limit, we can not ship this item outside of the United States, except Canada.