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Radio Controlled Helicopters

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Esky Honey Bee CP - New Design ESky CCPM HoneyBee CP2 Radio Control R/C Helicopter RTF 6-Channel
Esky Honey Bee CP - New Design ESky CCPM HoneyBee CP2 Radio Control R/C Helicopter RTF 6-Channel
Item# ESKY005A-HoneyBeeHelicopter
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Product Description

This model is suitable for r/c helicopter intermediate pilot, 3D aerobatic action and inverted flight is possible! Stunt flyer!
This is a Ready To Fly Kit, just charge the battery and fly out of box,
only need * AA Batteries for Transmitter
CCPM (cyclic collective pitch mixing) design provide precise movement and lighten the helicopter.
Bell-hiller mixer provide immediate respond to the helicopter.





New Design HoneyBee CP2 Helicopter JUST OUT
  • This helicopter is suitable for intermediate pilot or pilot who want to try inverted fly and mild 3D flight.
  • 120 deg CCPM system provides precise movement if comparing with the traditional mechanical mixing since there are less linkage/push-rod in the helicopter, and weight is greatly reduced.
  • Bell-heller mixing greatly increase the sensitive of the whole helicopter, which provide good aerobatic responds.
  • O-ring inside the center hub reduce oscillation of main blades
  • 11.1V high capacitance Li-Po battery provide enough power for any aerobatic flight (about 15 min flight time per full charge).
  • Light and hardened wood blade provide great lift, only weigh 11g.
  • Metal ball swash plate has improved the stability and sensitive of the whole machine.
  • Pre position servo mounts have been added in this heli, servos can be mounted solidly by screw and easy to install.
  • With length-adjustable servo push-rod, precision sub trim can be easily set.
  • Separate main shaft and main gear reduce repair time and noise.
  • Extended tail boom, reduced the load of tail motor.
  • Weight is a key to a EP heli, lightened skid set, main gear, main frame and canopy reduce the load of whole heli.
  • Provide excellent performance outdoor and indoor.


  • Dimensions (mm) :Rotary Wing Span = 515mm, length = 520mm
  • Powerful Main Motors and Tail Motors
  • 6 Channel R/C Set included, complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down Control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR AND THROTTLE, PITCH)
  • 6CH LED Display Multifunctional Transmitter
  • High Quality mixer + gyro board built-in Reliable quality
  • Powered by 11.1V Li-polymer 1000mAh re-chargeable battery
  • Easy Assembly , RTF Ready To Fly, only need * AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • About 15mins Flight time for each charge
  • Full Parts support
  • Suitable for Backyard/Park (100m area)


 Package Include
1. Esky HoneyBee CP2 CCPM Helicopter
2. Original Speed Mixer+Gyro Board
3. 6 Channel Receiver
4. 72MHz 6Ch LED Display Multifunctional Transmitter
5. 3 X 9g Servos
6. 1 Pair of Crystals
7. Li-polymer 11.1V 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery, more power provided
8. DC 12-15V Charger for7.4 V & 11.1V Li-Po battery
9. English Manual
10.Colorful Box