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Rave 3S Helicopter Kit, Scorpion 6, Next D 325s

Rave 3S Helicopter Kit, Scorpion 6, Next D 325s
Item# ND-YR-K003
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Product Description

Introducing the new Rave 450 sized electric helicopter designed by Curtis Youngblood and Next D Designs (A division of CJ Youngblood Enterprises). This helicopter features an all metal head, high quality parts, carbon fiber u-frame design, tube driven tail and can run either 325mm or 350mm main blades in its stock form. Included Scorpion 6 Brushless Motor & Next D 325s Carbon Fiber Blade

Next-D Rave Model Specifications:

  • Class: 450 (Stretched)
  • Build: Kit
  • Blade Size: 325-350mm
  • Level: Intermediate to advanced
  • Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Frame Type: Single Piece
  • Servo to Swash Linkage: Direct
  • Servo Size: Micro
  • Rotor Grips: Metal
  • Head Block: Metal
  • Links: Ball
  • Swash: Metal
  • Swash Type: CCPM 120
  • Tail Drive System: Shaft Driven
  • Tail Pitch Slider: 2 point
  • Tail Blade Grips: Metal
  • Tail Case: Metal
  • Boom Struts: Carbon