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100pcs Double Happiness 3-Star Table Tennis Ping Pong Ball DHS 40mm I.T.T.F (ITTF) Approved 100-Balls

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Product Description

Brand: DHS (Double Happiness Sports)

Model: DHS-1003, DHS 3-Star ITTF 40mm Table Tennis Balls
Level: W.T.T.C. And Olympic Games Sponsored Balls, For Superstar And Hall Of Fame
Color: available for orange and white

Recommended features:
1. Top quality and ITTF Approved
2. Official Ball for 26th, 43rd, 49th, W.T.T.C. and 27th, 28th 29th Olympic Games. 
3. The technical standards of DHS are the original version of international standards.
4. The first 40mm table tennis ball used in the international tournament.
5. The first table tennis ball approved by ITTF.
6. The serial number of approval: ITTF-01-B-04/00 and ITTF-02-B-04/00  


DHS, the professional table tennis maker has its unique view point on the study of materials and formula, making technique, the mutual influence between table tennis and motor function.
DHS makes constant efforts to offer the technical support to the development of world table tennis sport.
It made the first table tennis ball of China and the first designated table tennis equipment for world championships.
Besides, it is the first in the world to develop 40mm table tennis ball.

Top Table Tennis Games sponsored by DHS:

The 30th Olympic Games (London,2012)
The 29th Olympic Games (Beijing,2008)
The 28th Olympic Games (Athens,2004)
The 27th Olympic Games (Sydney,2000)
The 51st W.T.T.C. (Rotterdam,2011)
The 50th W.T.T.C. Team (Moscow,2010)
The 49th W.T.T.C. Team (Guangzhou,2008)
The 48th W.T.T.C. (Shanghai,2005)
The 47th W.T.T.C. Team (Doha,2004)
The 47th W.T.T.C. (Paris,2003)
The 26th W.T.T.C. (Beijing,1961)
ITTF Pro Tours (2009-2012)
Men's World Cup (2000-2012)
Women's World Cup (2001-2012)