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Mini Remote Radio-Controlled R/C Airplane

Mini Remote Radio-Controlled R/C Airplane
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Product Description

Brand new "butterfly-weight"RTF radio controlled airplane that fits into briefcase!  It's the smallest RC airplane in the world with flight stability.  This 58-gram lightweight wonder so "flight-path-positive" you'll be flying like a pro the first time out. It can be flown indoors or outdoors in 5 MPH of wind or less. Batteries recharge directly from transmitter (No extra charger to carry). It comes brand new in a protective color box.

Easy & Fun to Learn to Fly with this Radio Controlled Electric Powered Airplane.* Flies Over 15M High * Two Speed Selectable Control * Altitude & Rotor Speed Control *  Flight Stabilizing System * Step by Step Flight Instructions Included.

RTF Indoor/Outdoor Radio-Controlled Airplane ( This is the smallest r/c airplane out there and it recharges in minutes so you can fly it over and over again !!! )

Powerful Twin Electric Motors  Durable Molded Plane Body *1500 mm Wing Span *  Shock Absorbing Landing Gear For Easy Landings* Two Channel Radio Control* Solid State Electronic Motor Control  * Built in charger will recharge airplane battery in less than 5 minutes * 5-10 minute flight time per charge * Ground take off or hand launch
The r/c plane is built of high durable foams.  The material virtually makes the plane indestructible when flying indoor.  It's the best fun any kids and adults can have for a price that is unbeateable by anybody!