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$7.95 HOT DEAL!!! Mini Radio Remote Control R/C Submarine - Electric Powered 2 Channel Micro Technology ( X-SUBMARINE) U-BOAT
$7.95 HOT DEAL!!! Mini Radio Remote Control R/C Submarine - Electric Powered 2 Channel Micro Technology ( X-SUBMARINE) U-BOAT
Price: $7.95
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Product Description

World's Smallest "WIRELESS" Remote Control X-Submarine, Brand New!!!  Complete kit with everything, Ready-To-Run out of the box!  Only requires one AAA battery for more than 2 hours of fun!!!  With this toy, owning an fish-tank has never been so fun!  Buy a few more and you can play with your friends and family.  The fun never goes away!!!

At just about 7cm long, the micro sub glides through water gracefully and almost silently. Unlike other micro vehicles like submarines and boats, the micro submarine has 3D movement - left/right and reverse/forward with up/down. It's almost like piloting one of our blimps except its floating in water!

What better excuse do you need to invite a friend to the bath with you :) Despite its micro size it manages to store enough power for 2 hours (yes that's right!) play before needing a refuel!

Create a series of obstacles in your bath or pool that not only have to be steered around left and right, but also require you to dive the sub below the surface - or go up and to miss the obstacle underneath.

Fish-Tank Toy!!!

Supplied with ball-bearings for the "cabin hole" that can be used as ballast to adjust the submergence and buoyancy capacity of your micro submarine. When testing, we decided to leave this out so that the sub slowly lifted to the surface when at rest, but that up to you as pilot to decide your preference!

What makes this micro sub worthy of the "deluxe" title you may ask? Well, to start with this is the first truly micro submarine to come equipped with a front headlight for those underwater search missions

It's also the only micro submarine that has a "turbo dive" button on the top of the radio controller - press this button to leave the surface and head towards the bottom of the water at turbo speed! .

When the turbo dive button pressed at the same time as either the left or right controller button, it will make high speed direction changes too!

The Deluxe Micro Submarine just fits a AAA battery which gives it over two hours running time before replacing!

Available in two versions, yellow and blue, each on a different frequency.