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The New Micro R/C Electric Jet

The New Micro R/C  Electric Jet
Item# 757-B0992-MiniJet
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Product Description

Following the spectacular success of the Original Palm Size Indoor Biplane, that continues to be a firm favorite with indoor flyers all around the country, the new Infra Red Palm Size Micro Jet is sure to prove just as popular!...

Undoubtedly one of the smallest Remote Controlled Aeroplanes in the World, with a wingspan of only 8 (200mm) and weighing just 10 grams, this tiny Indoor Micro Monoplane features a red LED light and has a super smooth flying performance in a relatively small space.

Supplied completely assembled ready-to-fly, with a single powerful micro motor driving a geared pusher prop, its made of flexible foam to survive the occasional collision with the furniture. Lightweight, safe and easy to fly using rudder and proportional motor control.

Featuring a fast charging facility for fabulous long flight times, the Lithium Polymer flight battery will provide fantastic flights of 6 minutes or more between charges, yet can be recharged in just fifteen minutes with the portable charger provided.