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NitroModels Kangaroo 46 - 47.3" Nitro Gas Radio Controlled RC Pusher Jet (ARF Jet Model with Speed of over 100 MPH)
NitroModels Kangaroo 46 - 47.3" Nitro Gas Radio Controlled RC Pusher Jet (ARF Jet Model with Speed of over 100 MPH)
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Product Description

RC jets are by far the most exciting and exhilarating of any remote control airplane that a person can fly.  Now with the all-new NitroModels Kangaroo 46 Pusher Jet, it brings out the most amazing thing about these toy jets! Which means you can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour with this baby! Of course that isn't the average speed for all remote control jets, but it does give you an idea of what you can do in the future when you get to be a more experienced pilot.

Kangaroo Pusher Jet

Similar to the Bobcat-50 which has an aerodynamic design, the Kangaroo also possesses extra speed and maneuverability that we all love about them.

These lightweight aerobatic airplanes are built out of laser cut balsa and plywood. Kangaroo is made by NitroModels' designers themselves. They are the only one in the world. They are the best performer. Please refer to the table for more information on the parameter and compatible motors.


Nitro Powered

Wing span


Fuselage length


Flying weight


Wing area

38 sq dm



Wing Material


Fuselage Material





5 channel 7 servo

Wing Span : 47.3 in / 1200mm
Wing Area : 585 sq in / 38 sq dm
Flying Weight : 5.3 lb / 2400 g
Fuselage Length: 44 in / 1120 mm

Additional Requirements:
Engine Required : 0.46 2c or 0.52 4c ;
Radio Required: 5 channels ; Servos:7

Kangaroo Pusher Jet

Kangaroo Pusher Jet

Kangaroo Pusher Jet

Cautious: Remote control jets can be so fun sometimes that it is scary, but every flyer needs to always keep in mind that it can be dangerous if flown near people, because of the speed of them. Also, remember that jet engines, electric or gas, operate at very high speeds, so to much use in one flight can cause your engine or motor to overheat and fail.