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Home Alarm 16 Wireless Zones Auto Dailer Home System

Home Alarm 16 Wireless Zones Auto Dailer Home System
Item# J05-TEL207-AlarmSys
Price: $32.65

Product Description

Learning code†16 wireless zones home alarm system

Standard package includes:1 Main host, 1 Wireless infrared detector,1 Wireless door/window gap detector, 2 Remote controllers, 1 Power supply,1 Siren.


  • 1. Multi zone modes optional: close mode, delay mode, emergency mode, intelligent mode, dual-tech mode and multi-tech modes; Delay mode: after the alarm system triggered, if you did not disarm the alarm system, it will send out the signal for alarming in 30 seconds; Emergency mode: Usually we will set smoke and gas etc detectors as emergency mode; Intelligent mode: This mode is usually applicable for the places inside where would be have many body movements. Under the intelligent mode, other zones detectors if triggered will alarm immediately. Dual tech or multi tech mode: As long as two detectors are triggered, the alarm system will alarm;

  • Anti malice interference function: The host can automatically identify the wireless interference. If the main host detects any wireless interference. Then the siren will sound;

  • Anti-decoding function: If you open this function, then all the wireless remote controllers can not disarm;

  • In total this alarm system can pre-store 6 groups of telephone number, can be connected to monitoring alarm center. In order to immediately handle the alarms. And it support Ademco protocol.

  • Emergency help: Wireless arm& disarm the system, and you can remotely control the alarm system via any telephone. Such as remotely monitor, remote arm and remote disarm etc;

  • Mute/sound alarm optional;

  • It will have the priority to occupy the telephone to dial out the alarming telephone;

  • Password protection. (The password consists of 4 digital numbers);

  • Can independently programmed zones mode and zonesí hint sound;

  • This system can record your personal message for 10 seconds, which will be lost after powered off;

  • This system has telephone line anti-cut function;

  • Basic learning code;

  • Voice record message verification;

  • After power on the system every time. It will automatically back to its status before powered off;

  • Compatible with other main host functions.


  • Input DC: DC6V-12V
  • Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz
  • Stand-by current: <30mA
  • Alarm current: <500mA
  • Wireless receiving sensitivity5mV/m
  • Siren: 120dB
  • Wireless detectors quantity: 99
  • Temperature range: -10 ~ 45 Degree C
  • Relative humidity: <90%