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Infrared Control Micro Racer Pen

Infrared Control Micro Racer Pen
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Product Description

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Infrared Control Micro Racer

The IR Micro Racer has built in Infrared transmitter.

The worlds smallest R/C car, you almost need a magnifying glass to see.
The Micro Racer Infrared R/C Car is little bigger than a Quarter. The Micro Racer, while not quite as miniscule as its namesake, is certainly on the micro side.

Because of its size, the Micro Racer doesn't have full proportional steering, the steering is on the back wheels, so it goes forwards in a straight line, and reverses to the left - making for some very nifty driving techniques. To make things a bit interesting, the pen lid consists of three tiny traffic cones, slotted together Russian doll-style, ideal for creating a desktop salom.

They're an awesome desk diversion, and without question the miniest little racers we've ever seen. Don't expect to get any work done if you take it into the office (which may be reason enough to buy one for many of you.) And as a bonus, the controller is actually a real working pen.

Features and Specifications:

  • Measures 3.5 x 2.2cm
  • 4 x LR44 batteries
  • Micro Racer Infrared R/C Car
  • Pen controller
  • Working Pen
  • Three mini traffic cones
  • Range: about 4-5 meters.
  • Battery life: about 35mins-1 hour on just one battery.