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HydroFoam 3-in-1 Radio Remote Control RC Spaceship

HydroFoam 3-in-1 Radio Remote Control RC Spaceship
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Product Description

HydroFoam 3-in-1 Spaceship R/C Plane, Car, Boat

Is it a rc boat, car, plane, or helicopter??

Our new Hydro-Foam is the first of its kind and never has anything like this been achieved before. You can literally be on a small lake playing around with your radio control boat, and at the flick of a switch you can be soaring vertical at a phenomenal speed.

HydroFoam also has some very new and interesting technology inside it. For starters it has a brushless motor that allows Rc Hydrofoam to achieve high speeds while using less power.

Yes that's right, Hydro-Foam runs on battery power.

Hydro Foam is the first of its kind without any doubt so be the first on your block to own our new Hydro Foam rc toy.

We have had hundreds of questions about whether the transmitter and receiver are included with each Hydro-Foam?

Yes! The transmitter, receiver, brushless motor, speed controller, and batteries for the craft come with each Hydrofoam kit. Everything is included.

Hydro-Foam is a new exciting type of plane, there has been a huge following of this phenomena across the world and we have it right now. Designed as a boat, Hydrofoam will run on water, grass & hard surfaces like tarmac or concrete, but pull back on the elevator and it will take to the air! Capable of 3D flight such as hovering & harrier, it will also cruise around happily with some speed performing loops & rolls with ease. Construction is from Depron, so it will take many a bumpy landing. The controls consist of a double set of linked elevons (top & bottom) driven by 2 servos & a pair of linked dual rudders driven by a third servo.

Hydrofoam is the most ideal parkflyer around as it can be flown & driven over many different surfaces - you will be looking at lumps & bumps on the ground in a new way with this plane!

Wing span: 385mm (15.16in.) Length: 680mm (26.8in.) Weight: 300-350g (10.6-12.3oz)

Coming Early October

HydroFlyer is this year's one of the most coveted RC toys. Powered by a brushless motor & lithium-polymer batteries, HydroFlyer can travel not only on the water, but through the air, and on the ground at serious speeds. And this isn’t a ‘park it and swap some parts thing’ toy. The videos show the HydroFlyer moving from water to air to ground and back again with just a flick of the flaps.

HydroFlyer comes with everything you need: the transmitter, receiver, brushless motor, speed controller, charger, and batteries for the vehicle.

HydroFlyer models and colors may vary. You can also customize the exterior of the HydroFlyer to your likings.

Please note that HydroFlyer (also known as Hydrofoam) is not a beginner's airplane.

» Product Features: • HydroFlyer Vehicle • 4-Channel Transmitter • Receiver • Brushless Motor • AC Adapter Charger • Batteries

» Product Specs: • Charge Time: 1 Hour • Runtime: 30-40 Minutes • Dimension: L 26.8" x W 16.0" inches • Weight: Approx. 10.6-12.3 oz. • Li-Po Battery: 11.1V 2000mAh • RRP: 1000 rpm/V • Suitable propeller: 10" x 6" inches